The brand Oomomo recently opened their First Markham Place branch, and while I had visited their other branch on Don Mills Road (near the science center) I couldn’t stop myself from visiting this branch as well. Let’s see how it fares in comparison.
It was about the same size, if not larger than the one near the science center and had pretty much the same selection of items with some differences. At the time I visited the store, it was jam packed with shoppers and the snack aisle was all but cleared out, some shelves were newly restocked but most were empty.
My first stop at Oomomo was their beauty section, but because I already had a stash of random beauty products at home, I avoided lurking too long and being tempted by products. I ended up spotting a whole shelf dedicated to nail art, and I ended up grabbing 3 items in total. I felt like I should have gotten a little bit more, but the rest of the products were like nail gems and etc. but I didn’t find a glue to go with it. The nail glue I had bought to try sticking those Etude House nails back on were also used up, so I’ll find a good nail glue eventually.

Anyways, the three products I got were a very small nail dotter, a set of clear fake nails and a set of those amazing nail tapes. I never bought fake nails before other than the ones from Etude House, so I was a little curious but also apprehensive about those nails. Like what if it’s abrasive? What if it falls off too soon? But nope, they stuck on pretty well and it took quite a fair bit of effort to remove.

*P.s the fake nails are meant to be used with the adhesive nail tape*
And of course, the nail dotting tool works like any other. I used to have a nice dual-ended one but I don’t remember where that went, but this on is nice and tiny and I feel like I can control the amount of polish and the size of the dots better.
I’m not exactly sure if you’re supposed to paint over the nails before applying them, or apply then pain but I opted for the first method. I’m not even sure if we can trim these fake nails down, but personally they’re a bit long for my tastes. I kind of want to try, but I don’t want to risk ruining one nail piece…
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