As of September 22nd, it is now fall in Toronto. But me being me, I haven’t payed attention to what’s currently in trend for fall (oops). So with a quick run through of some sites and google images here’s what’s popped up!
Before I begin, it may be fall in Toronto now but it sure doesn’t feel like it. We’re starting fall between 29-30 degrees, which isn’t normal.
Hopefully it will cool off sometime later in the week, because my school doesn’t have AC and it’s going to be worse than before. Now let’s Launch into the fall fashion preview!

The first thing that popped up were fishnets.
Fishnet tights with ripped jeans, fishnet tops and etc. They’re pretty much everywhere. Some will say that they had their time in fame and should be tucked away, never to be seen again. But I disagree, they’re pretty cute if you have a mesh/fishnet top with a black tank under (or however you want to wear it). I haven’t had the chance to try out this trend during the summer, however, being that the weather is still nice I’ll give it a go and give a little review about it back here.
The next trend that popped up were mid length skirts.
I have a couple of those skirts hiding somewhere in my closet. However depending on what you’d normally wear, they aren’t really that comfortable or easy to pair. One of the ones I have, has two knee high slits on both sides. I wear the skirt with crop tops. How do you wear yours?
The trend after those two is what I’d personally consider a fall staple. Booties!
Booties are both fashionable and somewhat practical, and can pair perfectly with a lot of outfits perfect for fall. I currently have two pairs, one in a light caramel colour with a short heel and the other is a nice caramel colour in the style of combat boots. They’re both sitting on the shoe rack until the weather decides to cool down, and hopefully sometime soon! *little side note but it’s starting to cool down a bit!*
Long cardigans/wool ponchos
Long cardigans and wool ponchos are another thing that I’d consider a fall fashion staple. It keeps you warm when it’s slightly chilly and won’t be overbearingly hot when it warms up. Bonus is that you get to look good in it!
Fringe (anything)
Fringe was something that suddenly popped up while scrolling through the fall fashion trends. They do look good, however, from personal experience they can also be quite a pain. On a normal day, I’m not really clumsy however throw in a fringe kimono into that mix? I’m getting caught on anything and everything, from doorknobs to strollers and even those high school desk and chair duos. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll be throwing it out. It’s too cute for that!
Corset Sweaters
Corset sweaters are everywhere! I see them when I pass by stores and I also see them when I’m passing time scrolling through Instagram. They’re pretty cute however I keep thinking that it creates the effect of a muffin top if you choose to lace it up too tight. Other than that, no complaints!
Distressed Clothes
Distressed clothes are staples in any closet, I doesn’t matter if you have one or ten, heck maybe even more! Some can look really nice while others look like a hair of jeans were slashed to barely there fabric. All in all, they’re nice and trendy so get them before the trend becomes cringe or dies out.
Corset belts with distressed/regular sweater dresses
This is another trend that I’ve seen everywhere, from mannequins to a store’s Instagram post and even being worn by someone on my way to school. I literally have nothing bad to say other than the belt might appear to be a little chunky but the overall image of it still looks cute. Especially with last year’s thigh high boots!
This is it for Fall 2017’s fashion. . . I have no idea what this is, lol. But you could be seeing more of these in the future! Which one of these trends do you love? Which do you dislike? Let me know in the comments below!


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