Hey! Father’s Day is coming up fast this June 18th, and while my dad and I are pretty low-key most of the time with how we celebrate, this is just a kind reminder that it’s coming up. If you’re still thinking about things to do or things to gift, here are some ideas.

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As always, if you know what your dad or father figure likes I would use that as a starting point. My dad likes sushi, steak and good-smelling cologne, body spray and body wash so gifting things for him has gotten a little easier throughout the years. However, since his two hospital visits earlier this year, the sushi and steak have to be in moderation now.

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1) Bodycare

Bodycare, while common, still makes for a thoughtful gift. Though I would be mindful of it especially if your dad/father figure is someone who tends to stock up on their products. My dad loves the Ocean scent from the men’s body care line from Bath and Body Works, so I picked up a couple during their last sale. Ocean goes with a blue body spray really well. I believe it’s called At The Beach. Or maybe it was also called Ocean, I can’t remember but pair with fresh ocean-related scents or the Juniper Breeze one with this body wash and it will smell so good.

Noir, Freshwater and Bourbon are also great choices too. On the other hand, if these scents from the men’s line don’t work for you, I would recommend a few from the regular line. My dad would constantly choose his body sprays based on how he liked the scent of it, and it always works out. Other choices are Juniper Breeze, Endless Sea and Gingham. His all-time favourite scent, however, is Japanese Cherry Blossom but only in the body spray.

2) Fragrance

If you’re going to get Dad the body care, backing it up with some fragrance would be a nice touch! Luckily, or unluckily, my dad likes using the body spray as the fragrance itself so he never has a need for another cologne or etc. But I know a lot of dads out there have their signature scent, so getting another one of those would be a good idea.

I recommend checking Fragrance Buy’s website before you check anywhere else though, just to potentially save yourself some money. If I’m not mistaken, they’re a fragrance warehouse and do have the occasional deal where the price of the item there, is cheaper than if you were to get it elsewhere. With that being said, sometimes there are minor defects with the boxes or you could get a tester bottle so check which type before purchasing.

I personally recommend Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather as a gift. The scent is marketed towards men but I dare say it could almost be unisex too, it’s strong but not overwhelming and long-lasting too. To me, this scent smells like fresh but worn leather, with a darker note.

Here’s a link for $5 Off if you join the Fragrance Buy Crew.

3) Dinner Out

Treating your dad or father figure out to dinner is also a great idea, normally we’d go for Korean BBQ or Sushi but I think specialty restaurants or experiences also make a good choice. We don’t eat out as a family as often anymore so I would turn to BlogTO or any Toronto-based foodies on social media to find a good place to dine.

Personally, I’d go for a bucket list item. Either dining at the tower or casino at Niagara Falls, or heading up to the 365 restaurant at the CN Tower. Both of my parents have visited those locations once and they would like to go there again, oh, and the 51st floor. We had a long-time bucket list item where my parents wanted to take me to that restaurant after my 19th birthday but that got pushed back. I believe they were known as the One Eighty, but are now known as AP Restaurants after renovations and new occupants for the place. Still worth a visit.

And that’s all I have! I wish I could try getting my dad into skincare, but he’s very firmly against it aside from the occasional aloe gel as a moisturizer. And yes, it peeves me that he doesn’t use sunscreen unless you poke and bother him to. But anyways, have a great Father’s Day weekend!


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