First day of school for students could mean many things, saying goodbye to the warm summer months, going back to daily studies, seeing your old friends again and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks. However some first days are kind of. . . Meh. Nothing good happens and nothing drastically bad happens, actually something good might have happened. There’s a mini Nyx haul! Click “read more” to check it out!
Today was the first day students went back to school (at least for my school). Nothing like the hit of reality after having a lot of free time over the summer. The journey to school starts off with a 30-45min bus ride, and then a 15min TTC (Metro for some places) ride to where my school is. In a nutshell, it takes me roughly an hour to get to school.

Then it led to roughly an hour waiting in line to pay some fees, get my timetable and have my picture taken for a student ID card. Luckily we only had to spend about 20mins in class with the regular drill. Reading the school rules and the teachers trying to make us understand the conciquences of not doing our homework and etc. 20 minutes later, we were free to leave.

The next stop a while after leaving school was Nyx inside of Yorkdale Shopping Centre. On somewhat of a whim I picked up 4 products from nyx as a mini haul for back to school.


From left to right: Nyx ultimate multi-finish shadow palette in warm rust, Matte finish makeup setting spray, lip primer in nude and matte lipstick in tea rose.

While looking at random articles online, one had caught my attention about dupes for high end makeup palettes. Scrolling through the article the first dupe I came upon was one for the Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills. The palette goes for about $55 CAD and it’s colours are pretty amazing, so you could say I was interested. The dupe for the palette was Nyx’s Ultimate multi-finish eyeshadow palette in warm rust, which retails for about $20. The colours were close to the Modern Renaissance palette (in my opinion) and since I could be saving close to $35 I felt like it was worth a try. As a disclaimer, I don’t really know much about makeup. I’m still learning through spending countless hours watching YouTube tutorials.
The matte setting spray is really my first setting spray so I can’t really tell if it’s good or not unless I try it out. However I don’t have a picture to show proof of it.
The lip primer is another first for me, I have a lip concealer (I hadn’t known that they even exist?!) but I wanted to stop the bleeding from one of my favourite lip sticks, which unfortunately happens to be broken. It goes on smoothly and is a nice creamy consistency, I wasn’t sure if it was because I applied too much but there was a nude layer on my lips afterwards. I put on three different lippies and it did really well to prevent creasing, I’ll have to test it later on to see if it really does prevent the colour from bleeding over a long period of time.

The matte lipstick isn’t my first lippie, however it was my first time ever being confused by the colour difference between the tester and the new product (lol). The tester was more light coloured than the new Tea rose was, which was what I’d originally wanted. This was a little confusing because it was exactly the same on the outside save for the colour.

The brand new tea rose (after I applied it) was more….purple than it was in the tester swatch on my arm which has now all but faded. I’m a little bummed out because of the major colour difference but I’m sure I can find a use for this new purple/mauve colour. Maybe I could melt it with one of my other lippies?

Have you ever bought a makeup product only to realize that it wasn’t what it seemed (colour, consistency etc)? Let me know in the comments below!


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