I had stumbled upon a promotion where innisfree was selling their hand creams/hand lotions for like buy one get one free. And because of how dry my hands would get at co-op, I went ahead and ordered 4. Kind of dumb to do so but I wasn’t sure how the whole process worked for innisfree.
My order was about $26, plus $8  for shipping (which would go up depending on the weight). At first they showed the price in CAD but I wasn’t sure that it would still be in CAD at the checkout, but my fears were for nothing because when you paid they gave you an option to choose to pay in USD or CAD. I honestly should have waited for their free shipping over $40USD promo, but I didn’t know when that was so I just went ahead and ordered.
*Little did I know that less than two weeks later I’d make another order using that free ship promo, but we’ll leave that for another blog post. *
Anyways, for this order I had bought 4 hand creams. Two of which were somewhat newly released at the time of ordering it, the other two were exactly the same and were one of their signatures I believe. I got two citrus tea hand creams, one orchid hand cream with SPF 15, and one green tea gel hand cream.


I’ve already started using the Citrus Tea and the SPF Orchid hand creams, and there’s a surprising difference in the formulas. The Citrus tea one smells really good (citrusy with a bit of bitter tea) and is absorbed really quickly into the skin. The Orchid one however, is a little thicker in consistency and takes just slightly longer to sink in but they both leave your hands feeling soft and hydrated. The Orchid one is also bigger than the Citrus Tea hand cream by about 20ml, the tube is also  bigger in size.

The Citrus Tea hand lotion is part of Innisfree’s Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream collection, that consists of 9 scents in total and retails for about $6 CAD. The Orchid  hand cream doesn’t seem to be part of any collection, so they must just be new hand creams and retail at about $10 CAD. Honestly though, I think that they are worth the money  but I’ll leave it up to you to decide when the best time is to get them or if you’d get them at all.
As for the ease of shopping, the site (innisfreeworld) is easy to navigate and everything is pretty much straightforward. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of products on the site, but I guess that will depend on what you are looking for. Overall the brand sells somewhat reasonably priced products and I would recommend that you wait for their promotions before purchasing from the site/brand to get the most for your money.


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