I first saw something like this through an ad or Instagram post from Tiger Sugar, where they were advertising a milk tea or bubble tea ice cream bar. The price (at the time, and from what I remember) was a little pricey and the location a bit out of my way so I never ended up getting one. Fast forward a year and apparently they’re also sold at T&T Supermarket so I decided to check it out!
bubble tea ice cream bar 


I honestly forgot that bubble tea ice cream existed, but was reminded about it by a co-worker. I had the next few days off after that, and because we were due for a grocery run anyways, I went to the grocery store. We have a T&T nearby at Promenade Mall, my dad and I both wore masks and it was a fairly quick in and out.

A box of ice cream has 4 bars inside and the cost was $5.99 a box, it’s on the pricey side and I was a little hesitant at first but thought: why not? A cup of bubble tea was $6-$7 anyways, so on bar could substitute that but at the price of $1.70 instead.
There were two types from the same brand available, one was Oolong milk tea and the other I guess was a brown sugar milk tea/brown sugar milk? I bought the brown sugar ice cream first but when I got more I took the Oolong one as well.
The brown sugar one truly looks like a brown sugar milk tea, complete with the swirls/marble of brown sugar and milk. It’s very creamy and time sensitive though, don’t take long to eat it or it’ll melt all over your hand.

I think it’s safe to say that my mom and I both like the brown sugar one more than the oolong one. The jelly that acts as “tapoica” had a different texture between the two ice creams, the one in the oolong was a bit more firm and reminded me of jello sticks but the jelly in the brown sugar was very gooey/sticky and resembles tapioca closely.
The oolong one has little bits of tea leaves in the ice cream itself, and what looks like a cream(?) topping or foam topping like for some bubble teas. It’s got a more firm consistency than the brown sugar, but still a little time sensitive. The pearls are also less visible.

I really like that the oolong one has more of a milk tea flavour, but it’s kind of hard to fall asleep at night sometimes. I’ve tried to limit myself to only one a week, but I think it’s safe to say I’ve failed lol.

In my opinion, despite the rather hefty price tag for ice cream, I think it’s worth it. If T&T keeps stocking it, I truly will keep buying it occasionally. I think I’ll just have to work on not eating them all in one go.
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