While at First Markham Place for the second time this month, I gathered enough courage to try eggette hut’s flavoured eggettes. Originally I had put off trying them mainly because of the price of the ones  I wanted to try. Eggettes are typically 2 for $5 at this stall downtown, and they were between $3-$5 each at eggette hut. So let’s see if I end up regretting spending the $12 on two eggettes. 
So eggette hut has many flavours of eggettes available, this time I chose cheese and durian to start with. It took about 8ish minutes  from the time we ordered to receive the eggettes, I personally thought the wait time was reasonable but I know it could’ve been longer if the place was busier.

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The cheese eggette came out first and it was a little too hot to eat so I ended up taking the pictures first, shortly afterwards the durian eggette came out and we made our way back to the car while tasting the cheese eggette. They were both so good, omg! The cheese eggette reminded me of a cheese bun or cheese tart , and it had a nice filling on the inside. The durian eggette smelled exactly like the fruit with a hint of cake, it also had some sort of durian puree filling.

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In the end, I loved both the eggettes and the store would be a great place to take your friends to. However, the price of the eggettes are a bit steep, so I probably wouldn’t be getting eggettes there often. I would want to try all the flavours though. So, have you tried one of these eggettes? Would you want to try them at the price? Let me know in the comments below, or comment on my instagram post!


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