Late 2018 I was just scrolling through social media during my lunch time, and I remember seeing something that prompted me to look into subscription boxes. I found a few that matched what I was looking for and the first order I placed was with Evive Smoothie, which delivers frozen smoothie cubes straight to your door.
I will admit, I was going through a phase where I planned to eat healthier (it still sort-of held up, but it’s not as enforced as before to be honest) and I thought that starting my day off with a smoothie would help rather than what I usually do (skip breakfast altogether). I usually don’t eat breakfast because sometimes it makes me feel bloated/unwell or it makes me so full that I skip lunch, which I don’t find ideal either way.
I don’t really have ingredients all the time to make smoothies either so this seemed to be a great option. At the time of ordering I believe it was $45 for a box of 12 smoothie wheels, and you get to choose the ones you want out of the 7 (now 8) choices. The flavour Yin    was released months after I ordered so I won’t be able to review that, sorry…
Prior to ordering I felt that the flavours Viva, Asana & Pure would’ve been my favourites, however after trying out the majority of the flavours my favourites ended up being Pure, Touk-Touk, Azteque & Viva. In my opinion they had flavours that stood more than the others, however my mom would disagree, she loved Samourai, Asana & Yogi.
The smoothies arrived somewhat late in the evening, but it wasn’t a problem since I was already home. They were still fairly frozen and I just had to be careful of the dry ice it came with.

Short Flavour Breakdown

Samourai:   I never actually got to try samourai because of my past weird reactions to strawberries, however my mom said that it reminded her of a pure strawberry-flavoured smoothie.
Asana: I do not know what I tasted first, but it was pretty good. This one also had a bit more pulp and etc than the others, so I would recommend drinking water/rinsing after consumption.
Pure: I think this was tied in having the least pulp/etc in the smoothie, but it’s one of my favourites because of the citrus-y flavours in general.
Yogi: I don’t dislike the flavour, but I taste a lot more greens than any other thing inside of the smoothie. My mom loved it because of the green taste though.
Touk-Touk: I tasted mangoes and citrus more than anything, and it was tied for probably having the least pulp/etc in it. I liked it a lot more than I initially thought though.
Azteque: I normally don’t like chocolate smoothies or etc because the chocolate either overpowers everything or it’s faintly flavoured but insanely sweet.  This however, was crazy good in comparison to the ones I’ve had in the past.
Viva: It’s just like a strawberry-banana smoothie, with some hemp seeds of course. I didn’t get any reactions to this smoothie (probably because I had a small portion) though…..
The company had changed their prices of the 12 wheel box to about $48 per box (but added a 24 smoothie option for $90). This was to use less packaging or something along the lines of that, however personally the price was already a little out of budget for me so I ended up cancelling my subscription after that. Though for anyone who is looking into smoothies and/or eating healthier, it’s a good idea to look into getting this subscription or finding the frozen smoothies in select stores.

In the future, when I’m well settled and etc. I will most likely either get the smoothies again (in store) or subscribe again. Anyways, I hope this review helped you if you’re looking into subscription boxes or this brand/company. To not miss any of my blog posts, click “subscribe in a reader” on the side bar (or on the bottom), or follow me on Instagram @vesalisa and check my bio every so often, I publish a blog post every 4 days or so.


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