It’s back to school season, but things are different now because of the current health situation globally. I’ve adjusted some essential items to get for your back to school season that reflects the current situation, you can choose to get them or not but I just thought having a list out there could be helpful. Stay safe, and stay healthy.

Spray Bottle w/Alcohol

First off, I think it would be beneficial if you have some alcohol at home along with a large-ish spray bottle. Spray your shoes (top and bottom) before you step foot into your home, especially for anyone living in a condo. You could also additionally spray the floor afterwards too. I don’t think there’s a high risk of transfer via the bottom of your shoes, but it’s a precaution.
Additionally, you could also carry a travel-sized spray bottle with alcohol. I use this to spray down the public washroom I’m going to use, because I don’t know about you but some people don’t use a layer of TP on the seats. Just a thought, but entirely optional.

Hand Sanitizer

When you go back to school and have to attend in-person classes, carrying your own hand sanitizer would be essential. There are a lot of high touch/high traffic areas at school, and even more so if you end up having to take public transit. You could carry one in your pants pocket, and another spare in your backpack. To save some money I’d recommend buying a large bottle of hand sanitizer, and then distributing it into smaller bottles/travel-sized bottles. Or you could buy a bunch of them from Bath and Body Works.

Extra Face Mask

If you wear a reusable face mask, ignore this. But if you wear disposable ones, I think it’s best if you keep a spare mask in a plastic/ziplock bag, inside of your backpack/purse. I find that some elastics on the disposable masks will snap easily, and it’s best if you have a spare on hand than chasing down a customer service counter to get a new one. I would also highly suggest finding a mask filter and using it inside of your disposable or reusable masks.

Lip Top Coat

A face mask/face covering is not makeup’s best friend, in fact sometimes I find that they’re enemies. If you aren’t lucky enough to have found a lipstick that’s smudge-proof, it’s going to end up all over your mask or around your mouth most times. However, there are products out there that can prevent that from happening. I have one that turns most lipsticks matte, but I’ve seen others where they don’t effect the finish of the lipstick at all.

Makeup Setting Spray

For anyone who likes to wear makeup to school, there was an advertisement online a few months ago where they advertised a makeup setting spray that would prevent makeup from getting smudged by the face mask. I don’t have the actual name or site of the product because I accidentally refreshed the page, but I’m pretty sure it’s out there.

Face Mist

Another entirely optional item, but wearing a face mask is a sweaty job. You could always keep washing your face to cool yourself down but getting a sebum controlling or cooling face mist isn’t a bad idea. They also typically refresh your makeup for you as well, so it’s honestly a good product to have on hand or to carry around.

Phone Wipes

Last but not least, but the most important in my opinion. Getting phone screen wipes, because we pickup our phones everyday and our hands are touching everything. We also put our phone down on different surfaces, or maybe they were dropped. Anyways, I’m currently using the ones from Whoosh and you can get them on Amazon. I didn’t think they had any alcohol in them but they must have a very small amount because the sheets dry out when you leave them out.
They also help keep your phone screens clean, so they can be used for different reasons I suppose. I highly recommend them.

No links to the products today, but I hope this helps for anyone who is creating a shopping list for back to school. Feel free to add anything I might be missing in the comments via disqus and I’ll see you next time!


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