I totally missed the timeline to make a list for Christmas gifts this year, and by the time the post would’ve come out it’s Christmas. Instead, I’ve decided to compile a list of gifts for 2021, and places to turn to for Boxing Day shopping. This one will be a gift list for gift ideas in the new year, of course, there’s bound to be some changes because fashion trends and skincare products will change seemingly every 6 months.

First off, I think with everything going on in the world and being limited in face-to-face interactions, it’s much harder to buy gifts for friends and family. In the past, I’ve always shopped in-store and online for gifts looking for the best deals but there’s a bigger emphasis this year to shop small and to also shop local. I’ve always found doing this harder to do because I try to stick to a student budget but sometimes shopping local means upping the budget.


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Fashion items are one of the hardest things to gift, because everyone’s tastes are different and my biggest complaint thus far is sizing because it seems that every brand has widely varying sizes. However, trends can be fairly easy to predict so here are a few that might lead into 2021; Cami/Tank top + cardigan sets,  knit skirts,  heavy flannel coats and sock-boots (and similar). All of these styles showed up later in the year compared to others in the same season, which typically meant that it will last into early to mid-2021. You can shop some of the styles below; (please note that some links in my blog are affiliate links!)
If you intend on purchasing any clothes or shoes from Yesstyle, please double and triple check the sizes and go a size up if possible if between measurements. Asian sizing runs small, much smaller than the ‘regular’ sizing we see daily. On the Western end, some trends that are popping up are; Milk maid-style tops/bodysuits, kimono blouses (search it up! they’re cool), and half sheer dotted tops/bodysuits.



Skincare is probably the second hardest thing to pick out as a gift, I’d like to say it’s easier for me to get skincare as gifts because I listen to what my friend talks about; as a product, they’re interested in, liked or etc. However, my biggest fear is getting them a product and then the friend having a skin reaction to it. Generally, get them something along the lines of a product they tried (if they like it) or look for products good for sensitive skin which, in my opinion, seems a little safer. Here are some really popular picks so far; (this section will also have affiliate links)
Personally, I love the CosRX patches and the JayJun eye patches. The pimple patches seem to be one of the only ones that (I feel) work on me, and the eye patches are very hydrating and managed to brighten the under-eye area a bit for me. I recently got the Artemisia essence from Missha and I can’t wait to try it!



Alongside skincare, makeup from South Korea has also been making its mark in the beauty scene internationally. While some brands’ concealer and foundation shades are less inclusive than western brands, we can enjoy some other beauty products without such constraints.
One item not shown in the picture but was reportedly sold out nation-wide in South Korea is Clio’s ‘Into Lace’ palette, I’ve seen some pictures and swatches online and I have to agree that it’s a product worth selling out but I have my heart set on another Clio palette. The Laneige Neo cushion is also super popular and it supposedly is able to stay under a mask without smudging much because of the more adhesive formula. I’m actually really interested in that with how often we have to wear masks now.



Aside from the three main gift categories above, here are some optional ones that are without affiliate links.
  • Wallet with giftee’s initials (I would totally get this for my dad from a seller/maker on Etsy)
  • Glass Bubble Tea Cup from ReTea (they can handle quite a bit)
  • DIY Care Kits (Hand kit here,  Spa kit here)
  • Videogames (I recommend Slime Rancher, Among Us, Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons)


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