In preparation for Father’s Day coming up this June 21st, this is a list of products and things to do for your Dad or Father figure this Father’s Day. I try to cover as many “categories” as possible  because while it’s been 3 months since March, Covid is still effecting some people so I’ll try to be as inclusive as possible.
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Before we get started, I just wanted to say that I have the hardest time choosing something for my dad between my parents. He’s very lax and doesn’t seem to want or need anything but he’s also lowkey picky about some things. I usually bundle a birthday, christmas and father’s day all into one present because it kinda worked that way.


Now, I know how this seems and no I’m not pushing skincare because it’s one of the focuses on my blog. Some men do actually use skincare no matter their sexual orientation, I knew that before that but never realized that my dad could possibly be interested. He (lately-ish, pre-Covid) kept buying tubs of Aloe gel to us as a moisturizer, but I’m thinking of a few products I could get him after shipping restrictions are lifted. I’ll list them below for anyone interested, note; they are products that are advertised/aimed towards being “for men” but any skincare product can be used/bought.
All three are advertised as “all in one” products because I personally would see my dad using those, but there are quite a few products geared towards guys on Yesstyle.


I wasn’t quite sure how to title this, but accessories of some sort are very common gifts for dads. Some common items off the top of my head are ties, bow ties, cuff links, wallets and belts. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you see this) I don’t have any links for products. However, I do have some suggestions. Sometimes some of these things can be handmade by professionals/hobbyists  in your country and it adds a very special and personal touch.
Personally, I take note of what my dad needs to replace. For example, two or so years ago I bought him a new wallet because the one he had was literally falling apart. If that wasn’t the case I don’t doubt that the wallet would still be sitting in his drawer to this day.

Something that he enjoys

By this, I’m talking about hobbies. Something that will further his hobby, or is related to it. My dad loves model planes and collects flags from different countries, but sometimes the price can be a bit much. You can also assemble a bundle of items related to his hobby/his likes and then give that to him. Or a subscription to his favourite newspaper/magazine and etc.
Also, if your dad/father figure is a big foodie, I’d recommend getting him an oatbox subscription. You can use my code vesalisa to get $10 off your first order. *This is an affiliate code* They curate new flavours every month and you can edit your box with what you like.


If you’re willing to spend a little more money, I know that electronics of a sort are very popular and common gifts. For starters, an Ipad or tablet if you’re starting small, speakers that are easy to use and even good headphones are great. Though for the latter you might need to help him with volume control when talking with the headphones on, my dad always ends up screaming instead of talking normally lol.
That’s all I have for today, I hope you enjoyed this little list. Before you go, follow my blog on Bloglovin’ to never miss a single post! Also check out some suggested blog posts below. See that picture on pinterest? Pin it!





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