I saw Glow Recipe’s Blueberry Bounce Cleanser after looking up what other products they had available on sephora’s site, I was originally going to get one of their masks first but I already had a stash so maybe another time. Yet when I saw their Blueberry bounce cleanser, I got it right away, because for some reason it reminded me of Neogen’s foaming cleanser. Now let’s just see how it fares.
I actually thought that Glow Recipe was an American brand sold at Sephora, but turns out it’s  a K-Beauty brand! Not that it really matters, because as long as it works well and doesn’t irritate my skin….and the price point is right….my mom will literally snatch it! She’s got a cute but annoying habit of using some of my stuff, but that’s alright as long as it doesn’t irritate her skin.
Anyways, I don’t typically wash my face with a cleanser because most of the ones I’ve used either dried my skin out or had this very overwhelming scent. Instead, what I liked to do is to use a cleansing water and wipe my face with it, then wash it off after a few minutes. That’s worked for me so far for about 2 years, so this cleanser is one of the first I’m trying since then.
I got the smallest possible size at Sephora to try first and at about $13 CAD for a 30mL bottle, it’s not that bad. P.s Also it’s perfect as a travel size cleanser to take on vacation!
The texture of the cleanser is gel-like, but it’s less watery than say, aloe gel. That’s where the “bounce” in it’s name probably comes from. The cleanser has a scent to it, but I don’t find it overpowering, it’s rather light in my opinion. But for me, I don’t smell blueberries, I’m actually reminded of what my kiddie bubble bath soaps smelled like LOL. It’s like a smack of nostalgia every time I use it.
It didn’t lather up much, which was nice because anything super foamy made me fear getting it into my eyes. It didn’t irritate my skin (gentle cleanser indeed!) and it didn’t leave my face particularly dry, it’s actually hard to explain how my face felt afterwards. Because the product didn’t dry out my skin (both the oily and dry parts) but it felt normal..sorry it’s a bad explaination…
However, based on some reviews on Sephora. I would say that if you were to get this cleanser, go in with neutral expectations because some say it’s very slightly drying and some say it isn’t. So go in expecting it to cleanse and formulate your opinion on the cleanser when you test it on your hand, as a precaution.

Overall, I would recommend this product if you are willing to try something new or are interested in trying it. The price won’t necessarily break the bank, and one pump of product should be good enough for a regular cleansing.

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