Honestly, this was one of those products that I felt really anxious to try when I discovered the feature on Glow Recipe’s Instagram feed. But when it finally launched, it wasn’t available anywhere I could get to via transit after school. I did manage to get it eventually, so here’s my take.

The first thing that caught my eye was the watermelon pink packaging, and promo photos for the lip pop. I’m usually not a big fan of pink, but I’ll admit it caught my eye. Secondly, the use of the product is kind of what sold me on it.
It’s supposed to be a 3 in 1 type product: lip balm, lip scrub and lip tint. It was intriguing because I’ve always done each separately, and only just started dabbling in tinted lip balms. So this was right up my alley, and it just so happened to be the right time for it too.
I usually read the product guide/description pretty thoroughly for multi-purpose products like this, and while I had high expectations and some doubts, if it did what it claims (to some degree) I’d be happy.
I ended up going to Vaughn Mills for some reason and just picked it up at Sephora on my way out. Even having seen the price point before purchasing it, I was still a little shook. $29 CAD for this is a little steep in my opinion, but on the other hand, buying 3 products separately would probably cost you more altogether.
But if you aren’t a fan of watermelon, I don’t think you’d like this very much. It’s that watermelon scent that reminds me of my childhood, and to me it’s smells pretty good. Doesn’t linger after applying, but you might catch an occasional whiff sometimes.
First swipe of the lip pop, and I didn’t feel any sugar bits. But second swipe a couple hours later, and I felt those sugar bits for sure. It kind of melts away after I rubbed my lips, but I think it’s going to be a long while before I get used to it.
Now for the colour, I usually avoid pink lip colours because I find that they aren’t flattering for me. But because it will change colour according to your pH, I held out hope that it would work itself out. And it did! It was a nice, cute but sheer colour that was easily built up.
The texture of the lip pop is a little hard to explain, initially it’s a little tacky when applied but after a few minutes it kind of goes down. It’s not greasy feeling, nor super tacky but if you rub your lips together you’ll still feel something on it which could be a dealbreaker for some.

Honestly, I really like it. I guess it’s no surprise there, but having used it for almost a month it’s got its moments. I find that it creates a good base for some liquid lipsticks, and since I’m wearing those more often, this is great!


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