We were originally planning to go to the SPC first 175 line, however it was already full by the time my friends and I went there. We immediately rushed towards the regular purple wristband line and got our numbers, then we just waited. It was around 3hrs before we were let in, but the MMVA’s were so worth the wait!
When we were let in we were herded towards metal detectors and security personnel did bag checks, they took the caps off of our water bottles and removed any outside snacks from our bags. Though that part was a little weird because I was pretty sure they allowed snacks but eh, not that big of a deal since only one of us had a snack. There were people there also handing out cap-less water bottles to those who wanted them, so water was not a worry there!
From there we found spots to stand and waited while they aired the red carpet on the screens, soon afterwards the show began. I didn’t take full videos of a lot of artists because I knew my phone would’ve died before I managed to get home, which would’ve caused my mom  to freak, so I managed to video short clips. 
I didn’t have a favourite performance because I loved all of them, though  I remember being told that Halsey was sick, but she still performed, and KILLED IT! So I’m super thankful that she performed, and I hope she gets well soon. Just before Alessia Cara’s  performance, we thought Marshmellow was going to do a face reveal, but nope! Just Shawn Mendes helping Marshmellow troll everyone lol. Click here.
FYI I places the videos in order of performances, I’ll also link the full thing somewhere below. 


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