This is part 3 of 3 of my gift lists for those who have yet to finish their Holiday shopping, this specific list is geared towards those who are big fans of lip products. Hope this helps!

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


This lip sleeping mask I find can be used as both a sleeping mask or a wipe off lip balm before applying Lip stick or etc.  It’s most common flavour is Berry, however they have 4 flavours total; Berry, Vanilla, Apple Lime and Grapefruit. Get the original Berry flavour for a blast from the past, because it smells like that strawberry lip balm from that Strawberry Shortcake toy at McDonald’s.
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2. Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar


The lip bar has two versions, one is a lipstick and the other is a tinted balm. The tinted balm seems to be easier to use, however the lipstick versions seem to be more commonly sold at Sephora. My recommendations: No. 3 Tint Mint, No. 7 Lollipop Red (Tints), No. 12 Maxi Red, No. 2 Red Blossom, No. 3 Pink Salmon and No. 4 Milk Blurring (lipstick).
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3. Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet


These velvet liquid lip tints are very pigmented and will tint your lips so it has the effect of being transfer proof, but in reality it’s just your tinted lips. The airy velvet line comes in 15 colours (originally 10 but they had added 5 new ones) and are perfect for anyone starting out with liquid lipsticks.​
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4. Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Velvet

Give the gift of wine for the holidays! Shh, but don’t tell them it’s not actually wine, but a cute wine-shaped lip tint! They have two types of this tint, the original ones (8 colours) and the velvet ones (6 colours). My recommendations are; CR02 Sauternes Coral, RD01 Shriaz Red, RD03 Merlot Burgundy (Original), RD01 Swirling Red and PK01 Saint Rose (velvet).

5. VDL Expert Colour Lip Cube


These lipsticks are very pigmented, creamy and precise. They come in 13 colours and stay for quite some time on the lips, which is perfect for anyone who needs a lasting matte lipstick that doesn’t tint. P.s, I also believe that have SPF in them as well. My recommendations are; 101 Witchflower, 108 Suit & Tie, 502 Rosewood, and 506 Berlin Grunge.
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**I do not own some of the images in this blog post, they were retrieved from’s product pictures. All rights go to Yesstyle/the owners of the images.**
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I hope this helps you choose perfect holiday gifts, and maybe find a product to take home for yourself! Have a safe and happy holiday!


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