Mother’s Day is coming up fast on Sunday May 8th, and if you’re running out of ideas to try or want to change things up this year, I’ve got you! I like to try new things with my mom for Mother’s Day every year, so there’s a list somewhere on my blog that’s just being updated over time. Here are the new additions for 2022.

If you’re looking for the older post, you can check it out by clicking this link to my older post on Mother’s Day Ideas. In the year, I usually end up spending a lot of time with my mom because our day-offs now coincide one day of the week, but I still try to set something up for us during or around Mother’s Day. I used to try the same for my dad but he doesn’t really like gestures and whatnot so I find my ways.

This year, I luckily knew of an upcoming event that might be fun; The National Women’s Show. I’ve always heard about this on social media, on the news and over the radio. In fact, I actually heard about the event on the radio while I was at work! It’s supposed to be an event where there’s Food, Fashion, Wine and etc so it sounds fun!

From what I can see, they’re in Toronto during May 6-8th, and will be in Montreal next, then Ottawa (again) and then Quebec City later this year. If you’re in or around Toronto during this time, I recommend checking it out even if it’s not for Mother’s Day. I’ll give a little recap of what happened after we go to this.

My second Mother’s Day recommendation is getting some treats from The Good Goods! You can order their goods online ( and I believe they are currently soft-opening a storefront right now! I’ve been following them for what seems to be a while, so it’s amazing to see that they’ve come all this way.

They specialize in mom-approved treats and I think they’re most well known for their mochins (mochi-muffins?). They have a great box set for Mother’s Day (the month of may I believe) and I noticed a Pandan Cake or Cheesecake on their website too. I think most parents would enjoy pandan so there should be something for everyone! And, you’ll be supporting a Canadian Business too!

My mom and I bought a lot of baked goods last week so we’ll probably hold off on ordering until next week.

Anyways, hope you’re able to use these ideas to kickstart your creativity for Mother’s Day.


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