Every year, more and more people seem to look forward to Amazon’s Prime Day deals in early July. What originally started as an anniversary sale has now become a 1-2 day sale with some decent deals. Here are some deals that I’d like to bring your attention to.

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I usually only activate Amazon Prime during the school year so that I can order textbooks and get them sooner, so I’ve never been able to take part in the Prime Day deals. This year, I’m probably going to have Prime the entire year due to taking summer courses so it’s by sheer luck that I could partake this year.

One thing to note though, is that if you have Prime with Amazon Canada, this will not reflect over to Amazon US or Amazon JP, etc. You’ll need to start a free trial or buy Prime on those other sites before you can purchase items with the Prime Day pricing, which is what I ended up doing since there were some items I wanted from Amazon US. Now onto the deals, and storefronts you should pay attention to.

Club Clio

Club Clio is the Amazon storefront for Clio Cosmetics, a K-beauty brand. They also sell items from other brands such as Peripera, so you’ll have to take a look at their storefront to see what they have. Their Amazon Canada storefront is a bit of a godsend for Canadian K-beauty lovers even though their selection is much smaller in comparison to their US storefront. I would pay attention to some sales from this storefront, but here’s what I bought from here. The Prime pricing for the two eyeliners is around $9 CAD, and the eyeshadow palette is around $25 CAD.

By Wishtrend

By Wishtrend is a brand that has always been hyped up on social media, and has been gaining in popularity again in recent years. Up until recently, it was extremely difficult to get Wishtrend products in Canada but it’s now been a lot easier with their Amazon storefront. While there isn’t a Prime Day deal for the Powder Enzyme Wash, there is actually a really good deal for the Green Tea Enzyme Milky Foaming Wash. For this storefront, I have one recommendation and after that will be what I purchased. The serum is $24 CAD, and the cleanser is $18.20 CAD.


This category is kind of assorted, based on the deals I see around the main page and what I’ve seen posted/recommended by others. The only thing I did get from this list is the laptop cooling fan because my poor laptop heats up so much with this one game I play. The price for that is around $20 CAD. I’ve also linked two headsets that I’ve been eyeing but passed up this time (mainly because I still have a working pair of headsets so unnecessary spending is kept to a minimum for me right now). I’m leaning more towards the Beats headset, but Logitech has a lot of promising ones at different price points.

The next set of items was on my wishlist for a while and I do recommend getting the Logitech keyboard if you love the typewriter style, and want a fairly good-quality keyboard. The pricing right now is pretty decent for that one, so I’d recommend grabbing it now since most if not all of the colours are on sale. The cloud wrist rest is very similar to the Logitech one many people love, and it’s been called a dupe so I’ve linked that here. And finally, I do have to link a pair of concert earplugs. They’re on sale but not terribly steep of a sale so I’m going to just get it another time.

I do have to say though, that I think I may have to start using concert earplugs to preserve my hearing. I’ve only been to two concerts in two years and it took longer to have my normal hearing back afterwards so that is something that worries me. Moving on, the last thing I’ll link is actually the current earbuds that I use right now which are the Beats Studio Buds in black. They’re on sale for a decent price, and they’ve held up fairly well with near-daily use. I mainly use them for music and audiobooks.

Amazon US

I don’t have affiliate links available for Amazon US, but I’ll link some suggestions and list some storefronts you should look for during Prime Day. So again, having a prime membership for Amazon Canada will not transfer over to Amazon us or etc. I was able to get a 30-day trial to Amazon US in order to make this purchase. I only got two things, first was the A’ddict Solid Perfume in Tuberose. This product is actually a bit of a pain trying to buy it in Canada because shipping from the brand’s main site is expensive ($20+) which is understandable because shipping is expensive.

They don’t have a lot of options on their Amazon storefront in comparison to their main site, or it could be that I’m only seeing what can be shipped to Canada from Amazon US. But I was able to get their solid perfume in Muguet during a giveaway over the winter and these perfumes last a decently long time for me without fading in scent. I’ll have a more in-depth review later on.

The last thing I got from Amazon US was the Peripera Water Bare Tint in Mute Paradise, unfortunately, it’s sold out and only has three colours left in the Club Clio US storefront. I ordered this just shortly after 4am EST (summer insomnia sucks) when they were still available because I was afraid of them selling out. See, Mute Paradise is a new colour that I’ve only seen in certain stores. Olive Young doesn’t have this yet, but Club Clio US and Stylevana did have them in stock. It looks to be a beautiful colour and the Water Bare Tint is my favourite go-to during the summer so it works out. Shipping seems like it would take a while but that’s alright.

Now down below is another list of storefronts (check your regional Amazon first, and then Amazon US) you should probably look at for Prime Deals. They’re in no particular order.

Club Clio, A’ddict Perfume (Eleven Corp.), Aromatica, Torriden, FiFine, Growus, Yunzii, Epomaker, ISOI, VT Cosmetics, By Wishtrend, Writech (Amazon US), iUnik, Mizon, Purito, Make Prem, Abib, Amuse, heimish, Skinfood, Tocobo, Mixsoon, Jumiso.

If you’re purchasing from Amazon US and shipping it outside of the US I would make sure to double-check any shipping restrictions or etc, because I know that there are things from these storefronts that are unable to be shipped to Canada and etc. Hope this list helps!


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