Here’s a list of perfect gifts you can get for your valentine, family member or to treat yourself for Valentine’s day. Take the time to let someone know that you care, or take the time to get something for yourself (get two if it’s your birthday).
For most, Valentine’s day is when couples go on their special dates or do something romantic for one another. However for those who don’t have a significant other (or couples who don’t go all out on this date), I find that Valentine’s day can also just be a day where you just show someone you care or treat yourself. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Heart Shaped Lipsticks

Heart shaped lipsticks make it easier to mark out your cupid’s bow, if you want to that is. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone for Valentine’s day. (Non-affiliate links)

2. Rose Shaped Lip Tint

Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily revolve around hearts, roses get a fair share of action as well. How about gifting a rose that won’t wilt? (Non-affiliate Link)

3. Heart Accessories

Heart shaped accessories, when chosen correctly, can look rather elegant as opposed to tacky. My personal opinion on heart shaped accessories is staying away from rings with hearts, especially those with cut out hearts or engraved hearts. Those would be so hard to clean….

4. Wine Based Lip Tint

I find that when people think about Valentine’s day, they also associate it with wine for the ‘romance’ factor. However, for those that can’t drink yet, here’s an idea: Wine Based Lip Tints. They’re adorable and shaped like little wine bottles! (Non-affiliate Links)

5. Heart Shaped Lip Pot

What this is, is a heart shaped lip balm pot. But it can also be used as blush. Gotta admit that the packaging is super cute, so it looks like you’re carrying a large locket around with you.

6. Heart Blush Stamper

Last but not least, why not gift a heart shaped blush stamper? It’s adorable, would make for a great picture opportunity before it’s blended out, and has a function that makes it useful (I guess? LOL).

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That’s all for my rather small list of Valentine’s Day gifts! If you aren’t able to get them any of these, chocolate always works!

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