A week ago, while wondering Pacific Mall for snacks and any interesting food I came across a store that sold instant Green Tea Soba Noodles. Now green tea soba noodles aren’t much of a shock to me since I’ve seen them around in food tour videos on YouTube., but now, it’s my turn to give it a test!
The package contains two servings, and upon opening it, there wasn’t an overpowering scent of green tea. In all honesty, the scent of green tea was pretty faint. The noodles were a mix between the soba’s regular brown colour and green tea’s  vibrant green, which kind of made it look a bit like dried grass. Appetizing (0_0) , I know.
The noodles just tasted like regular soba noodles, there could be a small hint of green tea but it seems as though the taste was completely masked. It was a little disappointing , really, but not unexpected.  I probably wouldn’t get this product again, but I’ll admit that it looks pretty nice in pictures.
Have you tried green tea soba? Where? Or if you haven’t, would you consider trying it? Let me know in the comments!


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