I’ve lived in my particular neighbourhood for many years and I’ve passed by this area many, many times. But I only stopped in for the first time last week to pick up some food, and also check out the area.
Grocery Outlet Haul and Sushi

I went to visit this place after my mom’s vaccine appointment to pick up some sushi for us, but since that wasn’t ready yet we decided to go into the Grocery Outlet. I’ve seen this every time I passed by on the bus, but never really stopped by because it’s between bus stops.
From what I gather, the Grocery Outlet is the place to go to get groceries for a very affordable price (when compared to other places). I also found some really interesting items that (I think) were only available in the US or in limited quantities. They also had products that I’ve never really seen before too!
Our total was about $20-$30 for everything which was lower than we thought! We got 2 different large ice cream tubs in different flavours, 4 blueberry crumble frozen desserts, 3 blackberry & black currant drinks, 1 cinnamon toast crunch drink flavour thing and 2 coconut and pineapple (I call it the Pina Colada) drinks.






I also noticed some boxes of captain crunch blueberry pancake(?) cereal, and some soy-based drumsticks, both of which I’ve never seen. I might go back for that cereal one day, and from what I hear their stock frequently changes and they get new stuff often.







I also wanted to mention Kin Sushi (North York location) because I’ve been mainly getting my sushi from there since the start of the pandemic (other than the occasional trips to T&T or Galleria that is). They’re pretty affordable compared to other places, and their sushi is always tasty and fresh.


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