Know someone that’s going back to school, and will be attending some in-person classes? This is the best DIY gift to give them right now.
This kit is supposed to help keep your hands clean, sanitized but also moisturized for the upcoming school season. It’s completely DIY so it should cut down on costs but still manage to be very personal.

1. Hand Sanitizer

First you’ll need a hand sanitizer in the kit, you can choose between three possible options for the gift. One small hand sanitizer (think the size of the Bath and Body Works ones), a bunch of the small hand sanitizers (look out for the sanitizer promotion from Bath and Body Works, it’s like 12 for $10 or something like that), or One small and one refill (refills are just the larger +300mL ones you keep at home and can use them to refill the smaller bottle).

2. Baby Wipes

They’re not better than Lysol wipes, but they don’t wreck your hands if you hold them for too long. Great to use to push elevator buttons, or to use to open doors and etc. Acts as a barrier between your hand and high-traffic areas too, however it’s best to follow up with hand sanitizer on your hands.

3. Hand Lotion

Sanitizer (in my opinion) can be so very harsh for the skin, and so can constant washing. Including a little hand cream/lotion into the kit is very thoughtful. I’d recommend getting some from Innisfree, they absorb quickly and keep your hands so moisturized. However, some lotions from Bath and Body Works is also a popular option.


Anything here is entirely optional to the kit, so pick and choose what you want or ignore it altogether. 

  • Pouch (to hold everything)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Cuticle oil
  • Paper soap
  • small spray bottle of alcohol
  • lotion with spf (hands need the spf too!)


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