Hello, happy holidays everyone! I hope you’ve gotten your holiday shopping done already because it will be a super hectic trip if you haven’t. My holiday shopping was done back during Black Friday, with two finishing touches made last week. I normally would’ve had some lists out beforehand, but unfortunately, assignments and other deadlines took a lot of my time.

This year was probably the busiest I’ve ever been, I’d had no less than three assignments due every week in December. And despite my best efforts to try and ease the workload, it didn’t work out in my favour. My biggest assignment this year was a project where I had to create my own chapbook, and that process was made harder because I started my short stories from scratch and had certain ideas that didn’t exactly pan out like I wanted. So despite having completed the assignment, I’m disappointed because it didn’t turn out like I originally wanted it to. There were also a few setbacks with other assignments too, and it’s got me in a weird mood to start winter break, which is very odd.

So in order to kind of reset this turmoil of…emotions lol, I’m going to be taking a bit of a holiday break. I think I also averaged 4-5 hours of sleep a day during this time so I’ll be working on getting to a better sleeping schedule too. There will be no new blog posts until January 11th, but I will be putting up the reviews that I made over on my Instagram. I usually post my reviews to both the blog and Instagram simultaneously, but with the deadlines, I ended up only posting them there to save on time.

Time To Relax, and Unwind

Plan for relaxing and unwinding, well is to kinda plan out the start of the year with the blog..and then I’ll be reading and playing a few games I purchased earlier this year. It’s another farming game but it looks so good. I’ll update about these in the new year, and again, any book activity will be over at commutingreads.com

Into The New Year

To be honest, I’m both excited and very worried about the new year, mainly because I’ll be applying to internships soon. The school plan is to start internships in September, but I think some require a June or July start, which will coincide with my summer semester. I’m honestly excited to start a new chapter of my program, but also worried about getting my portfolio together, making time for the blog and also finding time for myself to kind of relax. Plus, the possibility of wanting to work and save some money up before my internship too, but I’m not sure if I have enough time for that.

As for the blog, I have a lot, and I mean a lot of stuff to show you guys. I had a lot of purchases (extras) from 2023 that I didn’t have time to fit in, and a few other early-year review stuff planned out so you’ll likely see a snippet of those as I get them in 2024.


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