Happy New Year! Hello to 2023 and goodbye to 2022!

I know a lot of people had high expectations for 2022, because, I had the same. And for a while, I guess things were looking up. Until it didn’t, or maybe you’re one of the lucky few that had a great 2022! My year had started off promising, and the first half gave me a bit of a false sense of security lol.

I started off the year with a lot of review opportunities across the board, learning and trying out new products and brands. One of the biggest highlights of the year was having the opportunity to try out StyleKorean’s (TMRM) Try My Review Me, which included several products from the brand SkinFood.

Outside of the blog, I got a chance last year to go to my first concert! I chose to go to Seventeen’s Be The Sun concert here in Toronto, which took place in early September. It was really fun and made for a great memory because I’ve always been hoping to go to a concert eventually.

Aside from that, everything from October onwards took a downturn and became a little bit of a blur. It was a little tough for me there, so I’m hoping that 2023 brings new challenges and better luck. I’m a little shaken by how fast things are moving because some of my close friends/best friends will be graduating this April-ish. I’m so proud and happy for them!

Additionally, I’ll be completing my second full year in this program. This means that I will need to start preparing and looking into internship stuff for Fall 2024, AH! I’m very excited but also a little scared (just a bit) of what’s to come. Because 2023, brings another birthday and another year on this earth. I’ll be turning 22 soon and it feels like I’ve done and been through so much, yet what I’ve seen so far barely brushes upon the surface of things I want to do and goals I want to accomplish.

So, cheers to everyone! I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous 2023!


Toronto-based Beauty and Lifestyle blogger focusing on the world of Korean Skincare and Beauty, particularly product reviews and where to get them in Canada.

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