Heatless Hair Curlers have been out on the market for a while, and I got them while they were still pretty new. However, at the time I had super long hair so the results didn’t work out well. Now, however, I’ve decided to give them another go since I’ve cut my hair somewhat recently. The results were better than the last time!
How these curlers work is that you use this plastic detachable hook-like thing (that’s already threaded through the curler) to pull a section of your hair through the curler. Then you’re to let it air dry or blow dry it, then when you remove the curling mesh, you have perfect curls!
I made sure my hair was slightly damp and sprayed+combed some heat+curl protector into my hair, before I began the process.
The set has many different ones with different lengths and etc, I bought the 9 long 9 short wavy style set based off a recommendation from a reviewer. I don’t regret getting this specific set, however I find that the short curlers are kind of too short to be of use. I can only really use them on the ends of my hair but I made it work.
So after putting my hair into the curlers I used the blow dryer on it until it was warm/hot to the touch, and then I let my hair cool down for about 30 mins in the curlers before removing them. And I was left with perfect curls, that didn’t last through me lying down on it for 30mins lol. That part sucked.
So in reality, if you’re looking for an alternative to using curling wands/straightening irons you could use this. But there’s a lot of work that’s needed for your hair to maintain the curls, as opposed to using the curling wands.

In the end, I would not actually recommend these. I mean they’re cute and work well if you put in the effort, but they aren’t for everyone. Though the bonus is that if you do all this, and the curls don’t stay, you end up with somewhat straightened hair. I might try these again using different methods, so stay tuned for a part 2,3 or more about this product!


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