Lately, I’ve been very drawn by Black Tea and Artemisia (Mugwort) products.  Which may be great for the skin, but not so much for the wallet. It seems that when not discounted, they can be a little pricier than most other products.  Let’s get onto the review!



I didn’t have the mask pack on my wish list for as long as a lot of the other products before I ended up buying it, but for the most part it’s been of great use.  This isn’t my first mask pack, and the texture is similar to one of those mask capsules from Innisfree. But the smell was very earthy and tea-like.
I don’t think I’ve posted since mid-November, and that’s because I’ve been so busy with school and just prepping for exams and etc. I think I had something else I was going to write first, but I put this at the top because I felt that it would be a great product to get if you want to do some self care during or after exams/the Holiday Break.
Mine actually arrived with some product spilled out between the little cover thing (most cream/gel products seem to have this now) and the lid itself, I took the spilled product to take the texture shot below. I wasn’t confident to put it (the spilled product) on my face, but it still seemed to be good because that patch was very smooth after washing it off. It didn’t seem to have spilled much, but I guess it must have been sitting sideways or upside down for a while during transit.

The mask pack is supposed to improve elasticity, hydrate and soothe the skin which interested me a lot since I was planning to use this pretty often during the fall/winter as a quick mask. You leave this on for 5-10 mins and then wash it off, which will be great for those who don’t like leaving masks on for a long amount of time.
I think the mask is supposed to have little granules of tea leaves, or  etc. in it so when you rub it a little it’s gel-like with  some little granules. Though to be honest, I haven’t noticed any granules in the month and a half that I’ve been using this. It gets the job done (my face is very smooth and feels pretty nice afterwards) so I’m not that worried.

I bought mine for $26.04 CAD which isn’t bad actually, but I think it’s slightly less now so I’ll just have a link below if you want to buy this. The size of the container is okay, it’s got the same diameter as the JayJun Gel Eye Patch and it sits taller than the

*Side note: I also remembered seeing that Centella asiatica is one of the ingredients in the mask, and I remember that it was a good thing but I just don’t recall why. So I did a quick search and it’s supposed to be good because of it’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
Anyways I hope you like this little review about this Black Tea Mask Pack from Heimish, I’m thinking about doing a “Quick Morning Routine” type blog post in the future. But if you have any other ideas/etc. let me know in the comments!
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