Honestly, I think this was the most impulsive purchase I ever had. Also the scariest for me because the product is rose scented, and we all know that some rose scents/aromas are either overwhelming or just right. Let’s take a look!

I bought this mist in store at a small convenience store-style chain called Sukoshi mart, this was at their downtown location (back when there was only 1, and now there’s like 4-5 LOL). I say this was the most impulsive buy for me because I don’t normally use skincare facial sprays, so far until then, I’ve only had they Dewy setting spray from Tony Moly, and the matte setting spray from NYX.The price in store plus tax was around $25-$30 CAD, which was fine because it was around the same price on Yesstyle too. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on buying anything but some snacks that day. Hence the reason why I say it was the most impulsive purchase from me yet.

I knew beforehand that the facial spray had anti-aging and slight whitening properties, but I didn’t realize that it was rose-scented until I got home. Where I then proceeded to panic. But it was short lived.First off, the box is very pretty with the whole pink-toned colour selection and it had metallic rose gold accents on the box. The bottle of the facial mist seems to be made out of glass, I think. So another point because this thing is sturdy and kind of makes it seem more high end, especially when you factor in the price. I think there’s 55mL of product available in the bottle, which is pretty small.

I’m not exactly sure of how to react to the bottle size of it, but I will say that despite having used it on and off for the past month, I still haven’t gone through a quarter of the bottle. If you’re planning to use this in place of, or alongside your toner, I would recommend buying them 2 at a time if you can. But please make sure to find a sample somewhere to try it, because rose scented products will have a different reaction to everyone.Speaking of rose-scented. . I actually didn’t mind the smell of this one. It wasn’t super strong and was a bit more forgiving for those who don’t typically reach for anything rose-scented. It also doesn’t linger after it soaks into your skin, so no worries about catching a whiff of the scent now-and-again.

One thing I found different from a typical spray-type product was the fine-ness of the mist itself, both my Dewey and matte setting sprays have rather fat spray droplets which takes annoyingly long to dry out. But for this facial spray, it’s much finer and soaks in within seconds.

Overall, I would recommend this mist for anyone looking for some sort of quick toner or serum step. The speed and the benefits of the product are the biggest spotlights for this product in my opinion, however, I don’t know if I’ll buy it again. I love the convenience factor of facial mists, but I feel like I don’t really know how to layer it with products to be effective.
I’ll probably end up getting more during sales or if I know I’ll be travelling, outside of that, I’ll end up getting a few facial mists to try but not really to add as a staple in my routine.


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