(Originally Posted July 7th, 2017)
Well, this is my first post! Nothing fancy or exciting happening….so happy first blog post day?!
Since both my blog and vlog channel topics are hauls (when I do buy things), travel (when I do travel) and food (when I can actually take a good picture or film something short before eating it that is) posts will be slightly farther apart than usual. I don’t travel during the year since I’m in high school from September to June, so the summer is my travel time. However, there aren’t a lot of places my parents and I can visit anymore.
During my younger years (age 9-15) we did road trips fairly often during holidays and the summer. I was around 10 years old or so when we went on our first cruise trip. We were on a ship called Carnival Glory, a ship under Carnival Cruise Lines. At the time I thought that this ship was the biggest cruise ship I’ll ever get to see. The details of the ship are a bit fuzzy so I’ll skip the info on the amenities for now.
Before boarding the ship, (we were on a tour bus by the way) we were taken to the downtown area of New York City where we passed by the Empire State Building and a few other buildings I’ve forgotten the names of. I should repost some pictures, but most were of a 10-year-old me posing awkwardly for the camera handled by my mom. 

After touring the downtown area I remember we were allowed to tour one of the Naval Carriers or War Ships and gawk at the planes and jets on the ship.
I’d had seen almost exact replicas of those planes and couldn’t help but be awed that I was actually seeing the life sized planes rather than the tiny replicas.
The details were once again fuzzy afterward as we took pictures for our boarding passes, boarded the cruise ship and waited for our staterooms to be ready. We toured the ship and watched as we sailed away from the dock and passed by the Statue of Liberty. Shortly afterward, dinner took place in one of the dining rooms which just so happened to be at the back of the ship.
The view was amazing, and the food was just as good! Though it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing from there, our ship was traveling faster than normal due to a hurricane making its way up the coast, sort of chasing our cruise as my dad had joked earlier. With how fast the cruise ship was traveling, I got a bit seasick. This was my first cruise, so I guess it was expected, and I don’t think it helped that I hadn’t even been on a roller coaster before.

It took about a day or two maybe before we docked at Saint John, New Brunswick. Once again, my memories of the trip are scattered (I’ve been on too many cruises to remember exactly all the details of each one) however, I vaguely remember visiting some caves and choosing an oyster to open up to get a pearl.

Honestly, thinking back on that trip, I’d like to do it again. Maybe without all the excitement with the hurricane, I’m just glad to know that the seasickness was a one-time occurrence though. If anyone were to choose a similar cruise, to begin with, I’d say go ahead. I feel that if a traveler started with a smaller cruise (compared to the newer bigger models), their expectations won’t be set too high to be disappointed.
I can’t speak for everyone on this, but I did notice that after going on Oasis of the Seas (which was the biggest Royal Caribbean cruise ship at the time around 2012) I was disappointed with how a smaller cruise I went on, had compared to Oasis. Since then, we’ve gone on cruises without comparing it to Oasis (which wouldn’t have been fair since they were all built or refurbished at different times).

​Well, this is all for my first blog post. I’ll have the next one up as soon as possible, so until then, have a look around my blog or leave a comment on this post or on one of my vlogs. Be back soon!


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