For those still in school, most school boards including some colleges and universities have cancelled in-person classes but are moving everything online. I had been taking a break from blogging to keep up with school demands, so this would mean a return for however long. 
I really do hope everyone is staying safe out there, and buying reasonably. Remember those who are older/younger and that they’re more susceptible to Covid-19 than the rest of us. Remember to wash your hands, and cover your nose/mouth when you cough or sneeze, and reasonably limit touching your face and mouth after having touched a door, handles or etc.
One thing that’s also very important is to start wiping down your phones, and any electronics that you will take out with you. If you don’t know already, phones are much dirtier than almost anything else we touch. It’s just as a precaution but it’s also good practice. I would also recommend keeping lysol wipes/wipes of some sort near your entrances/exits to wipe down the handles after you’ve come home.
I’m not a medical practitioner but this is to try and keep everyone safe and healthy. Stay safe everyone!


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