A while back I went shopping with some fiends and decided to buy this 3-step black head removing kit from Holika Holika. I’ve seen this around and have heard many good reviews. So after a long time, I’ve decided to try it out!
This pore strip is different from the others since it offers three steps; cleansing, the actual black head removal and what I assume is a lotion or serum to help calm the skin. I remember seeing different types of these kits in store, the regular one (the one I got), the heavy duty one and a waterless one.

When I first opened the packet levelled step one, I immedietly was hit with the scent of lemons or something citrusy. I placed the patch on my nose and started the timer for 15mins, the instructions said to wait between 15-20mins. The patch has this “refreshing” feeling when it was placed on my nose, not burning but nice. However different skin types may have different reactions.

After 15 minutes and removing the pore strip, I “wiped off any impurities from the pores”. I still don’t know what those impurities were but I’m guessing the oil that was brought to the surface? After opening the second packet, I was hit with a scent of veggies. This was odd and I actually sniffed at the pore strip a few times trying to figure out the leafy green it smelled like to no avail.
After about 15 minutes I started peeling the patch. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to how painful it is when I peel the nose patch off LOL. In turn it did remove a rather satisfying amount of black heads, not that I had a lot to begin with. . .There was a little bit of that white glue-like residue left after the patch came off but that was easily washed off.
Next came the third packet which contained a patch that smelled like…..lemons! It was pleasant, actually…However this next patch wasn’t a cloth one like the last two, it was made of this mesh or gauze like material that was absorbed with a lot of serum. It moved around a little even while lying down (I usually lean on one side and switch to-and-fro) which was a little inconveinent. However at the end my nose was pretty well moisturized.
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In the end, I would get this kit again. Probably not often but maybe once a month or every few months would suffice. It does remove a good amount of black heads unlike some other brands, and it’s price is affordable. Have you tried this kit before? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!
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