Winter is probably one of the best times to try masks, and this year isn’t any different despite the on/off weather. This time I got to try a mask from the brand House of Dohwa. House of Dohwa is a clean and vegan beauty brand that’s aiming to introduce traditional Korean skincare methods to the world. This post is a review specifically for their Rice Wash-Off Mask.

House of Dohwa Rice Wash-off Mask

While House of Dohwa is a new brand to me, I’ve seen them mentioned online on forums here and there. The brand typically uses ingredients like Rice, Mung Bean, Pumpkin and Peach Blossom for their products, which has ties back to traditional Korean skincare. This time around, I got the opportunity to try out their Rice Wash-Off Mask through Picky’s reviewer program.

The rice wash-off mask came pretty quickly and it comes in a pouch that has a twist-off cap. Honestly, it’s cute packaging and pretty convenient for travellers since it’s got multiple uses and is small enough to stuff into a suitcase pocket. I’ll be honest, it does remind me of an applesauce pouch every time I’ve used this.

Moving on.

The wash-off mask is said to hydrate, brighten and moisturize the skin as well as leave it soft and supple. You’re supposed to apply the mask after cleansing your face, and then leave it on for about 10 mins. Afterwards, you’ll have to wash it off to reveal the softer skin that’s been pampered by said mask.

I’m actually really excited whenever I get to try out Rice-based beauty products, and this time wasn’t anything different. See, historically, Rice/Rice Water has been used in many country’s beauty routines. When I was young, my mom actually stored rice water away for both of us to use on our skin and hair. My family wasn’t really well off back then and we hadn’t even known skincare was a thing, so rice water and washing our face well was the best we did.

While it’s been a long way from then, I look upon rice products fondly and both my mom and I will try out best to test out rice-based products for that nostalgia.

Rice mask texture

Personally, the texture of the mask feels really fluffy – kind of like marshmallow fluff. But at the same time, it’s got this creamy consistency to it and it also has bits of rice grains for exfoliation. With that being said, I wouldn’t use this mask before or after another product that exfoliates just in case, because over-exfoliation can be painful/irritating.

The rice wash-off mask does have a little bit of a scent to it, kind of like rice/bran but it’s not sweet-smelling or anything. It’s actually quite refreshing. It’s also white in colour and the rice bits are various shades of white, brown and beige.

mask texture 2

It’s really easy to squeeze out and apply and spreads really nicely on the skin, while there isn’t a spatula to apply with I don’t think that’s a big problem. The mask gives off a bit of an initial cooling sensation and doesn’t really budge from where it’s applied unless you touch it.

After washing off the rice mask, my skin felt smoother and more balanced. The parts of my face that were a little dry, were now hydrated and the parts where there’s excessive oil weren’t as oily. And overall, the mask gave my skin a brighter and more glowy look. Awesome!

I do have to mention though, but this mask, like mud masks or cream masks, is a little bit of a pain to wash off. I use a washcloth to help speed up the process but as I mentioned before with the bits of rice, you need to be careful to not push down or scrub too hard.

Aside from all that, I’m absolutely in love with this mask. It’s something that is perfect for the Winter-Spring months and for a quick treatment before events if you have one (and health event permitting).


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