If you’re a frequent window shopper on Yesstyle, you’re bound to have stumbled upon the brand Memebox at the very least. One product that this brand offers is a rather convenient multi lip crayon with 4 different lipstick colours, and 3 different colour families to choose from. If you’re curious as to whether this is a good item to buy, check out this review!

The multi-lip crayon is shaped like it’s namesake and reminds me of one of those interchangeable erasers/pencils (where you can pop out one and push it back to pop another one to use). However, for this product, only the cap is popped off, the rest of the lip stick bullets have to be screwed-on/off. 
I'm meme lip crayon 

I'm meme lip crayon 

The lip crayons have 3 different colour families to choose from; red, coral and rose. The names are pretty self explanatory but I think it should be noted that the colours from the rose family seem to be more on the cool-toned side. I opted to get the rose lip crayon because I thought I would have more use out of it, and I found that the colours didn’t quite match the swatches on Yesstyle but that wasn’t such a big deal for me.


*these images don’t belong to me, they are from the yesstyle product page. *
The lipsticks seem to have quite the staining power to it, but it’s easily removed with oil-based makeup wipes. So unless you’re eating anything oily, I wouldn’t be that worried about the lip stick. It’s also a matte but not drying formula, and the best part (in my opinion) is that it slightly blurs.

In the end, I really do like the purchase and I think I’ll be using Warm Rose and Wishful Rose the most. I’ll have a link (affiliate) to the product if you’re interested in buying it, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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