Eyeliner is a weird thing for me, I feel that I’ve gotten pickier since the first one I bought maybe 6 something years ago. Just a year before I started getting into Korean beauty. I saw a couple of reviews here and there about it, and also saw a few people talking about this as one of their favourite eyeliners. So I decided to give it a try…

Prior to buying this, I thought it was just a regular clicking eyeliner where the eyeliner stick dispenses little by little with every click. And most of these types of eyeliners are not retractable, so only dispense the amount you need.
Well this is still that product, but it also has an ‘auto’ sharpener on the cap. Which means that every time you twist close the cap for the eyeliner, it will automatically sharpen the top of the eyeliner for you. This is rather convenient so you don’t have to find time during a busy morning to sharpen then use the eyeliner.
The product (eyeliner) itself is good, but I find that sometimes it’s a little hard when I use it. So I usually swipe the eyeliner on the back of my hand a few times to ‘warm’ it up a little and it usually helps. Another option is to sharpen it at the beginning of every use, but I feel like you’re just wasting a bit of product f you go that route.
I think there’s about 30 different colours available to choose from, but the one I have is #12 Peanut. It’s around the same shade of the inside of a peanut shell, and originally I thought it was slightly darker but I actually like this shade better than the other I might’ve chosen. 

Overall, I did  really like the eyeliner despite it being a little hard. But I would recommend finding a place to try the eyeliner on your hand first, especially if your eyes are sensitive or etc. It’s on the cheaper end of the spectrum price-wise, and I believe it’s also available in the Innisfree store at Yorkdale.


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