This is probably one of the best lazy day products out there. I first saw this online and with how easy it looked, I was convinced enough to look for this. The name speaks for itself, it’s an eyebrow stamp and it’s possibly the cutest but most innovative thing I’ve seen. Here’s the review.

The Stamping Brow Kit is essentially a sponge image of an eyebrow, there’s one for each brow on each side of the stamp. You can move the stamp to the angle you want your brow’s to be at, and there’s 3 to choose from; straight, slightly angled, and arched. However you’ll have to buy the stamp and the stamp powder separately and both will cost about $12 CAD each, $24 CAD total.
innisfree stamping brow 

You use it with a dual-coloured stamp powder, 1/4 of it is a lighter colour than the rest of the pan. You’re supposed to press the rounded head end of the stamp on the lighter part and the rest on the darker part. Then when you press it firmly against your eyebrow it transfers the powder and the shape over, and voila! Brows in practically seconds. There’s also a dual-ended brush/spoolie included in the powder pact.

This is a picture of the angles that the eyebrow stamp can do. Arched, Slightly Arched and Flat.
Personally, if it’s a day that I know my mom will demand a selfie I’d use this to make sure I have brows I’m confident in. Especially because I’m still not that confident with drawing my brows yet. Though I think some practice with this stamp is going to be good, because the first few times I tried the stamp I made my brows a little too dark.
All in all, for $24 CAD total and with how little powder is used for each stamp I feel like this is pretty worth it. It’s probably not the best product to buy if you have a set way you prefer your brows to look, but if you’re just starting  with makeup and etc. this could be a great product to try. This product is also easily bought  online and at Innisfree stores.

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