During Innisfree’s grand opening last month, I bought a variety of their regular-line sheet masks to try. In the past, I’ve gotten a sheet mask from Innisfree  when I ordered past a certain amount on Yesstyle. But I don’t remember trying it and it isn’t in the bag where we store sheet masks, so it’s likely my mom ended up using it instead lol. Anyways, let’s take a look at their sheet masks!

In the past,   the    place to go for sheet masks was The  Face Shop (now rebranded -I think- as Nature Collection) because it was pretty affordable in comparison to other places. But I noticed the other day that their prices seemed to have gone up, the range for their sheet masks is now $3.5-$4.5. 
But with the addition of a new type of sheet masks line (it looks lab themed based on the packaging), their sheet masks still seem to be the same so no worries about your favourite one being discontinued.
For some, that’s still alright especially when paired with their massive bundling deals (like buy 12 get 8 free). However, for those  who don’t use sheet masks as often or aren’t keen in buying that many at once, I’ll have some options/a comparison at the end of the review. So stay tuned!

Innisfree Fig Mask  

Out of the 6 sheet masks that I got, I decided to use the Fig sheet mask. It’s an essence type sheet mask that’s supposed to make skin clear and smooth, and if I’m not mistaken, the essence types are meant to be deeply hydrating.
I did notice a slight fragrance to the sheet mask, but only if i pressed my nose up really close to the sheet. It didn’t linger when I had the sheet mask on though.  When the 20 minutes was up, the sheet still had some essence on it but most of it had transferred to my skin, usually if there’s essence still left on the mask I run it down my neck as well.
The very notable thing with Innisfree’s sheet mask was that it had little tags for you to hold onto the sheet mask. They’re located on the top of the mask, and I never knew I needed it until now Lol. It’s really cute. Overall, I really liked the essence type mask and I look forward to trying the water-based and cream-based masks later on. I also bought one for my mom to try for those who want her take on it.

Here’s a comparison of sheet mask pricing from different places:
Innisfree: $2.5, $4.5 & $8 masks depending on which line you choose.
The Face Shop (Nature Collection): $3.5 & $4.5 depending on the line
Yesstyle: $2.72 and up depending on which mask
Chuusi: $1.4 and up depending on which mask
Based off of this, Chuusi’s site currently has the cheapest priced sheet masks but there’s a shipping minimum of $60 CAD for free shipping (at least within Canada). Second in line is Innisfree, however their site currently doesn’t allow you to order off it (yet) and there seems to only be one store in Canada for now, so procuring the mask may be harder.
3rd place is Yesstyle, but there is a $50 CAD minimum for free shipping.
It’s actually pretty easy to go over $50 on that site so plan accordingly. Last but not least is Nature Collection, but despite having the highest starting price for sheet masks they have their bundle sets. I think they contain 10 or so random sheet masks for you to try and see which you like best, and if I’m not mistaken it costs about $20 CAD to get one bundle.


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