At 10am today, the Korean beauty brand Innisfree had their grand opening at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. I’m fairly certain this is their first Canadian store, and I’m also sure they’ll have another store opening at Eaton Centre soon.  This is a little feature of Innisfree’s grand opening; what happened and what the store was like, and I’ll include some of their products here; some I’ve used and some that have been hyped about. Overall, I hope this will help you decide on what you’d want to buy from Innisfree if you decide to visit the store.
I originally didn’t think I was able to go, because when going to events like this I prefer going with friends. Just makes the whole experience more fun lol. But I ended up tagging along with a friend of mine, and her friends to the whole thing. Only thing, our meetup time was 8am. The mall and store open at 10am, but with it being the grand opening of a k-beauty store I didn’t think anything of it.
I wasn’t the first in our group to arrive at the mall, but there was a line of already maybe less than 30 people sitting in the line-up area for the store. If you didn’t know by the way, Yorkdale actually has these black stips on the floor and it’s usually the designated line space whenever a store has their events or sales, very conveinent. The Innisfree store is located in front of Muji and Uniqlo, essentially kind of the newer part of Yorkdale mall.
Th line started picking up and curved towards Uniqlo at around 8:30-8:45,  and we were thankful to have been in line before it started curving. At around 9:30 I think, the staff of Innisfree began to give the first 200 customers their wristbands and pamphlets about the launch events/deals:
  • Download their app and sign up to get a free sheet mask (I think this is opening day only)
  • Sign up for the Innisfree rewards and receive a free welcome kit (I don’t know if this is ongoing, or if it’s a launch thing)
  • Buy $50 or more for a 9 piece best-seller gift set (sample size)
  • Buy $80 or more to get their $50 or more kit, plus a limited edition eco tote bag
  • First 200 people will receive a 3-piece green tea hydrating trio 
They also had a $35 exclusive launch set for sale (value of $60) and I’m fairly certain it contains a full size bottle of their green tea serum, because it’s listed in the pamphlet as 80ml, and the full sized one for sale is also 80ml. Honestly, those deals are good, really good. It’s so easy to spend $50 on skincare/makeup, especially if you aren’t paying attention to what you’re putting into your basket Lol.
The store was a good size and had great lighting that made it feel homey and was perfect for pictures if you wanted to take any. I also spotted a sink where you can probably try their cleansers on your hands, or use them to wash off any swatches I guess. A lot of what you can find on their site, you can also find in stores but their store has more than what’s listed on the site.
I had to restrain myself though, because I knew I had a lot of stuff already (especially because of a recent Yesstyle order) and I felt bad if newly bought stuff was going to sit in a basket for nearly a year before I get to it. I’ll have what I bought at the grand opening up in another blog post though, so keep an eye out!

Now, Innisfree products…there’s quite a bit I’d recommend. I bought a fair amount back when Innisfree World was still up and running, but not all of what I bought is available at the store.


If you’re going to be buying from Innisfree, a few sheet masks should be something you’d add to your basket. I tried one of them before, and they’re pretty good. I think their regular line has 3 different versions; cream, essence & water bases. They also have those Skin Solution ones that I’d like to call the Lab line because of the clinical-looking image. Finally they also have their Bio Cellulose masks, which I think are the jelly/gel-texture masks. Their prices vary at $2.5, $4 and $9 respectively.

Other masks

Aside from their sheet masks, they also have some of their capsule masks (and you know how I love those!) and their classic  wash off mask tubs/tubes. The recommended ones via the internet are; the pore clearing clay pask (pot) and the pore clearing clay mousse mask. Both of them also seem to have a 2X version which is supposed to absorb more oil and impurities.
However, I’d personally recommend the green tea sleeping mask or any of the tiny capsule masks.  I’ve tried the sleeping mask in the form of the capsule container and  a mixed bunch of the capsule masks, they’re just so convenient to take with you. Not to mention that they’re relly effective and perfect for someone to try first before buying (if they have a full sized product that is).

Hand Creams

My first ever product from Innisfree World’s site, were hand creams and they have a great selection of them in store. They also have them in a cute hanging display where you can actually try them, seriously just go check out the display it’s so cute. They don’t have the orchid hand cream with 15SPF, but it does seem like they have their seasonal hand creams and the green tea gel one.

Make Up & Tools

Innisfree also has a bunch of makeup and makeup tools available in store, they’re all kind of clustered into one section so it’s impossible to not see it. I actually didn’t find any of my own makeup from Innisfree there, so either they weren’t in stock yet or I didn’t pay enough attention lol. Via the internet the recommendations are; The Vivid Cotton Ink Lip Tints, The My Lip Balm, and their eye shadows.
I’d personally recommend their brow stamp kit, I found it in store but I’m holding off on buying it until my current brow product runs out. So if you haven’t seen it, it’s a stamp in the shape of an eyebrow and there’s 3 arch settings you can rotate the end to. All you have to do is get the stamp and the powder colours (there’s only 2), set and stamp the brow stamp into the powder and then stamp it onto your eyebrow.


I haven’t really tried a lot from Innisfree, but I have a few skincare products to recommend; their Green Tea Hydrating Cleansing Water, their Green Tea Balancing Toner, their Green Tea or Orchid Eye Creams and their Green Tea Eye Serum Roller thing. All of which I caught glimpses of inside of the store. The cleansing water is one of my favourites, and I recently bought the Orchid eye cream from Yesstyle.

While we were in the store we also found out that this store will take back empty containers, I’m pretty sure there are exceptions to this so I’ll link the page where you can read about it here. You’ll earn about 50 points per bottle, and are limited to 5 bottles per month so I guess if you return any more it won’t get you any points for that month.
Overall, the day was pretty fun and exciting despite having to wake up that early. I got to see what’s available in the store and planned out what I could get during my next visit, so I’m like 110% I’ll be visiting again.


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