When Innisfree first launched their stores in Canada almost 2 years (I think?) ago, the Green Tea Seed Ball Roller was one of the first products that really caught my interest. It’s got a built-in eye-roller that is also cooling, and those types of eye-rollers (built into a product or not) have been super popular in South Korea for the longest while. Here’s why you should add this to your skincare routine.
Innisfree Green Tea Ball Roller

Personally, I like to call this the Innisfree Green Tea Eye Roller, or the Green Tea Serum Roller because the product you roll-on is an eye serum (which I’m going to assume is a lighter version of eye cream). I really like eye serums because they’re lighter than some eye creams and they don’t take forever to sink in, but the downside is that most don’t come in really big containers.
I mean it’s understandable that they’re limited to certain containers because of how fast they can be absorbed though. Anyways, the serum is supposed to be great for all skin types and works to moisturize the skin where applied, essentially. The “big deal” about this would be the applicator, which is a metal rollerball where you push down to dispense the serum to roll on.
Innisfree Green Tea Ball Roller, Full Picture
The metal eye-rollers, massagers and the like have been very popular lately because when I was actively looking for a separate tool for this, the Innisfree 2-in-1 was the only one I found. There are more on the market now though. They’re supposed to be great for depuffing the undereye area, and around the eyes and I also heard that they’re supposed to improve blood circulation and the like.
Personally, when I used this the serum and the metal ball were really cooling and it was pretty relaxing as part of the nighttime routine. The serum was fairly moisturizing, but not as much as my current eye cream which I already guessed. The product has 10mL of serum and retails for $26 CAD, which is kind of steep.
I personally would probably get this again, but only if I wan out of eye cream and needed one stat because there’s an Innisfree store close by. However, I would recommend that you look into getting a cooling undereye roller or massager, they’re a great way to start or end the day and go a long way to help with puffiness (it’s rare when I get puffy eyes, but it was useful!).

In the end, I do feel there are better products out there for moisturization, for example, the Innisfree Green Tea Eye Cream. I wouldn’t really recommend this, opt for another eye serum or for a jar of eye cream, but I will recommend giving the cooling rollers/massagers a try!
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