I remember seeing these Innisfree Root Energy Masks online some time ago, then forgot about them only to have them appear again when I took some time to shop at an Innisfree store. They’re supposed to be vegan, the mask is apparently biodegradable and they look cute. So let’s check it out!

These masks are fairly new, they first showed up on Innisfree Canada’s Instagram page on October 14th and I’m not sure if they’re a cross-over from South Korea or if it’s made for the western market. According to the sales associate I talked to, these are vegan/vegan certified, and on the packaging, it states that the sheets are biodegradable. These aren’t factors I typically look out for, but they’re honestly good to know.
Innisfree Root Energy Masks
The whole overview about the Jeju Root Energy masks are that they are filled with the energy of the root vegetables that are grown on Jeju Island (also known as Jeju-do), which is kind of like the vacation island of South Korea. The sheets are made of eucalyptus and bamboo cellulose so that they cause fewer stimuli to the face and can adhere better. There are 8 different sheet masks available, each made with a different root vegetable grown on Jeju.
Of the 8 types available, I got my hands on 6 of them and the two I missed are Yam and Ginger. I’ll pick up the Yam one eventually, but I’m a little unsure about getting the Ginger one. If you’ve never had ginger before it’s actually kind of spicy but in a refreshing way, you’ll get pickled ginger often with sushi/sashimi. I’m a little curious and hesitant to put anything of that sort on my face though.


All The Types

  • Carrot : Hydrating, energizing mask – for a hydrated, clearer look to the dry skin.
  • Beet:  Vitalizing, clearing mask  – for a clearer, vitalized look to the dull skin.
  • Potato:   Hydrating, soothing mask  – for hydrated, soothed look to the dry and tired skin.
  • Burdock:  Clear, soothing mask  – for soothed, clearer look to the dull and tired skin.
  • Kohlrabi:   Clear, bouncy mask  – for a shinier, firmer look to the dull and dehydrated skin.
  • Lotus Root:  Smoothing, firming mask  – for a smoother, firmer look to the tired and dehydrated skin.
  • Ginger:   Moisturizing, nutrition mask  – for a more nutritious feel to the dry skin.
  • Yam:  Shining, moisturizing mask – for a shinier, moisturized look to dry and dehydrated skin.

I’ve heard of Burdock before but Kohlrabi is a whole new thing for me, but the image on the packaging is pretty cute and I really like the purple colour of the vegetable if it’s true that colour. I chose to use the carrot mask to do the review but now looking at what the masks are used for, I feel like I should’ve chosen Potato or Burdock. My skin’s been dry and tired-looking lately because of work and with the passing of my grandmother and everything involved with that.


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First off, the packaging feels like paper with a foil inner part where the mask is, so pretty unique. There is a smell to the mask, the fragrance is smack in the middle of the ingredients list (for anyone who’s wondering) and I kid you not, this mask smelled kind of like an Innisfree store. Like, when you walk into an Innisfree store there’s this earthy, green-tea smell and that’s what this smells like. I actually really like it so I don’t mind, but it does linger a little while you still have that mask on.


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The sheet masks adheres really well to the skin, it doesn’t move or budge even if you use it sitting up (like I usually do with sheet masks).  I personally cannot describe the type of material that the mask is made out of, but I prefer the feel of these over other ones on the market. I’m not an expert but it feels like it deposits more essence onto the skin than other types, despite how thin it seems.
The price for the sheet masks is (in my opinion) mid-range, but leaning more towards the low-cost side at $2.8 CAD each. The cheapest option at Innisfree is their My Real Squeeze Mask line at $2.5 CAD each, and the priciest is their Fermented Soybean Bio-Cellulose masks at $8 CAD each. For the holiday season, however, they have a box set of every mask in the Root Energy line for $18 CAD, which is a pretty good deal!

Overall, I’m really excited to try the masks when needed. The price isn’t that bad but I recommend looking for box sets and promotions over buying each one separately, just to save yourself some cash. I will most likely buy them again for myself and as gifts.
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