This product goes by many names, all of which are a variety of the name I call it above. When Innisfree still had stores in Canada, this product was probably the most underrated product they ever made. I think it just kept getting overshadowed by the other product drops. Let me introduce this to you!

Innisfree's Lava Seawater Sleeping Mask
Innisfree’s Lava Seawater Sleeping Mask

This is Innisfree’s Lava Seawater skincare line, it was pretty small compared to some of their other product lines and I feel that this is so underrated. I’ve been itching to try something from this product line for a long time, so when Innisfree had their closing sale I couldn’t really resist.

The product that I ended up getting is their sleeping mask because I had more than enough skincare items when I made the order. The container is this beautiful dark blue colour, and it comes with one of those curved and indented spatulas.

The sleeping mask is a light/pastel teal colour, and has this awesome watery-gel texture. It doesn’t run when you apply it on the back of your hand or on your face in dallops, but it sinks into your skin very quickly. The sleeping mask is actually light and almost weightless but I found that it’s also really moisturizing when compared to another really popular but similar product.

Innisfree's Lava Seawater Sleeping Mask Texture
Innisfree’s Lava Seawater Sleeping Mask Texture

If you’re a big fan of Belif’s Aqua Bomb, then this could be your potential dupe! I found that both products are pretty similar in terms of scent, colour and texture. Though this one is a little bit thicker than the Aqua Bomb.

But one thing though is that they both seem to have the same scent. It’s this fairly strong citrusy type of scent, it lingers for a little bit but won’t stay on your skin for long, and you for sure won’t smell it in the morning.

Personally, I really loved Belif’s Aqua Bomb but the price point is a little high for one product (on a student’s budget anyway). So Innisfree’s Seawater Sleeping Mask pleasantly surprised me with how much of a possible dupe it is.

I love the texture and how light it is overall, which makes this a perfect moisturizer for the summer. I typically reach for sleeping masks anyways during the summer but this is about medium-level in thickness for sleeping masks.

Overall, I highly recommend this. Depending on what site you use, if you can get this for a price cheaper than Belif’s Aqua Bomb, then I recommend trying it once!


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