I bought the mask capsules for a few reasons; to bring my order to the free ship minimum without going super overboard, it seemed cute and I guess it could be brought when travelling, and  I was interested in getting a wash off mask but I didn’t really want to commit to a big tub yet. So the capsules did seem like a good idea, and I think it’s easy to buy a bunch and then forget which ones you have lol.
I started off by getting two of the mask capsules; one was rose & calamine and the other was green tea. I actually didn’t check if they were both wash off masks, but as it turns out, only the rose & calamine one was a wash off mask. The green tea mask capsule was actually a sleeping pack/mask, but no biggie. 
The size and price of the capsules will make it easy to spend a ton of money getting a bunch of them, especially because there are many types to try. When I first saw them on the innisfree site, I was reminded of that scene from the movie   Spy Kids  (the older one) when the mother spy was using her makeup as a keyboard. 
The rose & calamine mask was actually kind of nice-smelling at first, but when I used it, the scent was very overwhelming and made me tear up a little. So just a heads up that if you’re somewhat sensitive to scents, maybe avoid this one.  It also made my skin break out into a few scattered red, raised bumps but it wasn’t itchy or anything like that. Though my mom loved it, when she used the rest of the product.

Funny thing is, I ended up being pretty impressed with these mask capsules that I ended up grabbing two more. One in Bamboo and the other is canola honey, bamboo is a sleeping pack and canola honey is another wash off mask. As I’m writing this, I’ve yet to try canola honey and the green tea sleeping pack, however I’ve used the bamboo sleeping pack and it’s very lightweight. It applies slightly wet, but it doesn’t weigh down the skin or make it very tacky.
Keeping in mind that one capsule can be used like 2-3 times, and it’s about $3.40 CAD each. It’s worth trying it out without having to commit to a large tub of mask product, I also find that it’s likely travel friendly (not sure about having it on a carry-on on a flight though). I can test out the travel friendly part when I go visit family in Montreal this Easter weekend, so this post may be updated later on.

Recommended capsule “flavours”:

Bamboo, Canola Honey, Green Tea, Potato, Volcanic Cluster, Bija & Tea Tree, Rice and Bija & Aloe.
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