I don’t actually remember when this first came out, but I just remember having them on my wishlist and then eventually ordering them from innisfree’s website. What it is, is that it’s a foundation that you can choose so it’s almost as if the foundation is tailored just for you (I mean, you do choose) and what you need. I thought it was neat that you could almost personalize a foundation to your liking, though I’m pretty sure there is something somewhere that does make a personalized foundation but that’s probably expensive.
The innisfree my foundation set/collection has both the liquid foundation and the cushion foundation versions, and I believe they use the same chart to determine the colour. In total there are 50 possible choices with 3 levels of moisture, 5 levels of coverage and 5 possible shades.
Moisture levels:
1) Matte – For oily skin
2) Semi-Matte – For combination skin
3) Glow – For Dry skin
Coverage Levels:
1) Natural – Light blemish cover
2) Natural – Light blemish cover 2.0
3) High – Perfecg makeup
4) High – Perfect makeup 2.0
5) Extreme – Flawless makeup
The Shades:
C13 – Light Beige
C21 – Pink Beige
N21 – Natural Beige
N22 – Medium Beige
N23 – True Beige
I tend to avoid buying foundation or bb cream online unless it’s to restock something I already have and like the colour of, because the colours could run lighter or darker, or it could look drastically different on the monitor than in person. However, because my skin tone evened out over the 4 years of high school I decided to chance it because it looked fairly similar to my regular shade.
And just so you know, I typically fit a shade 23 in Korean foundations/cushion foundations as long as then don’t run lighter then normal. This same shade may or may not apply to bb creams though, because I’m in the same shade for a bb cream at The Face Shop, but I’m a 21 in MISSHA bb creams.
I ended up picking up a foundation in the code 2.2, in shade N22 Medium Beige. So to clarify, the foundation has natural coverage with a semi-matte finish. I chose this combination because I like matching my foundation to my skin and not having it a shade lighter like some do, and I prefer to tailor it to my skin type and keep it as natural as possible. Glow-type foundations end up making me oily about 1-2 hours in so I usually avoid those, and matte foundations tend to stick to my dry and uneven spots, therefore semi-matte seemed like the better choice.
The foundation came in a clean and simple box, and the bottle itself is a glass pump bottle (not sure if it’s airless pump or etc). When dispensed it’s liquid-y but it won’t run down the back of your hand when tilted, and easily applied with both a brush and blending sponge. I find that I can use powdered blush with this foundation without having a bunch being stuck in one place, and cream blush works well too!
I used Nyx’s matte setting spray to set it and it works well, it doesn’t budge even after a couple of hours and looks pretty decent by the end of the day with no touch ups. The foundation is also truly semi-matte so it doesn’t turn dewy after a few hours, it holds. It’s also fairly similar to The Face Shop’s oil control cover cushion in the shade V203, maybe just slightly lighter.

Overall, I’m very happy with this foundation and I’ve been using it quite a bit since I bought it. I got it at a discounted price so it was worth it, there could be more shades available, especially if they have a site that sells its products outside of Asia. So I hope that they could get the formulations right and expand or create a line that could extend the colour range. In the end, I would recommend getting/trying this foundation.


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