This was one of the first items I got from the Innisfree store when it opened it’s first store in Toronto. I was very curious about the lip balm when I first saw them on the Innisfree World site before it closed, but I never ended up buying it until now.

There are 11 options for this lip balm, from clear to light pink and etc. According to the innisfree website, shades 4 -11 get darker and more opaque so please keep that in mind when planning on purchasing it.
I got this in 05 Wild Hibiscus, and I love it because it’s a pretty close match to my natural lip colour. Add to the fact that it’s a balm and it looks like I have nothing on, which is great but also bad because the before/after pictures I took look exactly the same.
Just a note, but the colour seen coming out of the tube may be brighter than how it actually shows up on your lips.
It costs $13 CAD at the innisfree store, which is slightly pricier than regular drugstore lip balms. But it’s also about the same as some other K-beauty lip balms, so keep this in mind and do some price checking before buying.
At first, I kept putting too much on because it was my first time using this type of “squeeze” and built in applicator. But once I got the hang of it, I managed to find the perfect balance of how much to apply.
I found it very hydrating, and it lasts a really long time. In the past, some lip balms dry after a short period of time and kind of cling to the dry skin on the lips. But this doesn’t, I find that when I apply it in the morning, I only need to touch up after eating. I usually apply a layer (if my lips are dry) when I leave school during the cooler days, but it’s rare.

All in all, I’m not sure what else I have to add. It’s a good tinted lip balm, but I feel that lip balms tend to be hard to recommend. That’s because some are really thick, and while some people love it, some other people could also hate it.
If you don’t mind trying it on your hand in store, I do recommend doing that. After all, I think Innisfree stores have hand wash stations, it’s really cute and thoughtful.


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