Innisfree’s limited edition Vintage Filter collection was the perfect release for fall. This came out some time ago and I got two pieces from the collection when they first came out. While it took a while to get to this review, I’ve had some time to try and form my opinion on these products.

The collection had 6 different items: a blur pact, highlighter trio and brush, blusher palette, mascara, lipstick in two shades and an eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette had really nice colours, and it was tempting to get that too but I have a lot of eyeshadow already.
I ended up getting the Smudge Blur Lipstick and the Vintage Filter Colour Cara Mascara, probably the only two things I could justify getting.


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The mascara colour looked to be a rosy-brown, and it had looked a little natural at first. But when I started applying it to my lashes I felt that it looked a little weird because of the colour, I think I can make it work with the lighter applications though. The wand is also not one that I’m used to, it’s (I think) a rubber wand with firm little comb pieces.
Innisfree Vintage Filter Mascara
I’m used to the mascara wands with the plastic brush pieces, and I think the difference in the wands also added to the initial oddness at using the mascara. The mascara was $17 CAD, I think it’s on the more expensive side for k-beauty mascaras but an average-ish price compared to some drugstore ones.

There are two shades for the lipstick; 01 Vanilla Pink Filter and 02 Milky Rosy Filter.  Vanilla pink looks like a really nice pink-beige colour and Milky Rosy looks like a deep rose colour with a splash of milk. Originally I thought Vanilla Pink was the colour for me but seeing the swatch in the store I realized it was too light for me and opted for the darker colour.
Innisfree Vintage Filter Lipstick
It’s a very small lipstick and very thin too. But it applies wonderfully with great colour and can be built up a bit, and also blurred. The lipstick isn’t known for being long-wearing so I wouldn’t expect a lot for that, but it’s best known for the pigment and blend-ability and aces in both categories. I’ve seen other people use both colours to create a really natural-looking gradient lip look, so I lowkey feel a little regret for not getting that but eh.
I didn’t notice it clinging to dry skin on the lips but it does seem to sink into the lines on your lips overtime/throughout the day, reapplying the lipstick helped with that though. My only annoyance with the lipstick is essentially the width of the lipstick, it’s fairly small so you’d need to run it over your lips more than once to do a full lip colour. However, it’s the perfect size for easy gradient lips!
The lipstick retails for $12 CAD, fairly cheap compared to the mascara in this haul but I feel it’s on the slightly pricey side for lipstick especially for the size.  There are even smaller lipsticks out there for an even higher price too, so I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive/unreasonable.

Overall, I don’t really recommend the mascara at the moment. I know some people who love the colour, but I didn’t really like it as much and there’s something with the brush that’s making me question if I’m applying mascara right lol. I absolutely recommend the lipstick for the colour alone, it’s a beautiful colour and while it’s small, it’s easy to carry around.
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