Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum  (even the intensive version) is one of Innisfree’s signature and bestselling products, while it’s got great reviews around the board, I’ve yet to try it. I finally got a sample from Innisfree a while ago and here’s what I thought!

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**Sincerely sorry for the late blog post but I scalded my left hand with hot water, and it’s put me behind schedule a little.**
 I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t tried the serum yet since it’s been 2 years since Innisfree opened their first stores in Canada at Yorkdale Mall. I hear a lot of good reviews about the serum and the consensus seems that people are very satisfied with it, despite there being a very saturated market for green tea serums and serums in general.
First of all, there is a refreshing green tea scent to the serum. I personally don’t find it overpowering but I do want you to know because I know some people prefer to buy scent-free products. It’s fairly hydrating and absorbs quickly too which is a big plus.
I think I’m too used to other serums to the point I kind of find it basic? However, in my opinion, the Green Tea serum from Innisfree is a great and lightweight option for a summer routine or a minimalistic/basic routine for those just starting out or trying to reduce the products they use.
I saw somewhere, someone pointed out that the serum does contain alcohol in it (it’s the 4th ingredient I believe). I’m not a big fan of alcohol, because I had used a toner with a really high alcohol content and it seemed to have dried out/messed up my skin a little.  I don’t know for sure if that was the cause, or if it was just my diet or something, but I tend to be a little more cautious about it now.

Despite having “tried” the serum with the sample (or deluxe sample?) I got, I’ll most likely end up buying a full-sized version of the serum to try.  I’m still a little wary of the alcohol in the product, but I haven’t noticed any immediate dryness so I guess it should be ok, overall I would recommend it for beginners/as a beginner product.
Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml
from: Jolse (Barunson Co., Ltd)




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