While on a class walking excursion to No frills, we found a little time to wonder around after our assignment was done.  I walked by the broth boxes and found a small box of instant miso soup, as always I was skeptical but here’s how it turned out! 
So after spotting the package of instant  miso soup, I walked by without giving it much further thought. But eventually I turned back and took a closer look at the packaging because I DID like miso soup, and it came to a time where I spent more time  on the laptop doing culminating project. In summary, I needed food that was quick to make, which also includes soup lol.

Interesting……□ Look our for a review later this week!

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The instructions at the back just said to place the contents of one packet into a bowl, then add one cup of hot water and stir. Super simple. The package of miso soup, when opened contained 3 packets of the soup mix. The soup smelled and looked exactly like miso soup from a restaurant, but the taste wasn’t 100% like the restaurants, which is to be expected.
It wasn’t  too salty in my opinion but everyone’s preference taste-wise is different, there were bits of tofu, seaweed and green onions scattered in the soup. The tofu was soft, but I felt as if there was a weird after taste. The seaweed and green onions however, tasted perfectly normal. All in all, I would buy this again because it’s convenient and more affordable than eating out at a restaurant.
A picture of a bowl of Miso soup with bits of tofu and seaweed floating in the soup.

Have you tried this before? Or had similar products? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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