I got the green tea hydro-gel eye patches almost a year ago and I’ve been using it on and off since then, I never thought I’d write a review for it this late but when I took it out to use it today I just started jotting down my thoughts on the product.

The price of the eye patches seem to vary depending on where you get it, but even if it was on the higher priced side ($30ish) I’d probably still end up getting it. The product has about 60 pieces (30 pairs if I’m not mistaken) so they will last a while if you use them sparingly, which wouldn’t be a problem if you use it bi-weekly or further apart like me!
The product also has a nice but light herbal-like/green tea scent and appears to have green tea leaves inside of the gel patches, there’s also a bit of liquid that the patches are sitting in so that kind of makes me wonder if you could re-soak them in it later on. Not the best idea, but not a bad one either I guess.
When I use the patches, I get a slight cooling sensation from them and I can immedietly see the evidence of the product lightening or folly erasing my dark circles. It also does a great job of moisturizing, so I believe you can use these elsewhere, no just limited to the under eye area.
However, I will note that if some parts of your face are slightly sensitive that day, that I would suggest that you use it the next day or whenever your face is less sensitive. Back in December, I used it after I was out in the bitter cold and it stung to  to point where I just moved it to another part of my face. Other than that, I don’t believe it will sting at all.
You can get this product here! (Affiliate link)

I’m fairly certain that I will buy this again, or at least try the roselle tea eye patches from the same company after I finish these. I do recommend trying these, or any type of hydro-gel patches because I feel they assist in helping to heal/support the under-eye area along with eye cream.


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