So a few days back I went out to Pacific Mall to do a little October Beauty Shopping. This Jeju Volcanic Clay Peel off mask is one of the five items I got that day. Let’s see how it worked!
The peel off clay mask retails for about $14 after tax, which I find pricey for something that’s only 50g. This is the product’s description from The Face Shop’s Canadian site:
Peel-off clay mask that dissolves excess oil and removes impurities from deep within the pores, giving clean appearance of nose.
When I bought it I totally forgot that it was a Peel off mask and by the time I finally used it while typing up one of my posts, the consistency surprised me a bit. It was similar to slime yet a little gooey as well. There isn’t that big of a scent (in my opinion) and it was really thick.
I found it hard to apply the mask onto my nose, because if my finger touched a finished part it would pick up the mask that I’d just put down. This made applying it a little challenging but still fun seeing the mask being pushed around LOL. After application you have to wait around 10-15 mins before peeling off.
When it came for the time to peel it off, I was a little nervous. I have an okay pain tolerance, however if I were to pull those black head pads off the sides of my nose my eyes start tearing up. This mask however, was pretty gentle. I had applied a thin layer (oops) so I ended up having to pick the edges before pulling.
I feel like this mask was worth the money, even if I did say it was expensive before. I felt that if the formula was this thick then it should probably be able to last a long time and would be better than buying those black head strips because they do add up over time.
Have you tried this product or something similar? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments!
**Update: use a mini spatula you can usually get at a beauty or makeup store to spread the mask onto your nose**
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