Throughout the years that I’ve been blogging about K-Beauty and Korean Skincare, I’ve mentioned a lot of physical stores and e-stores that sell these specific products. Just a little bit before the lockdowns in March, I had started researching smaller businesses/online stores based in Canada to purchase from. I’ve compiled a list of them here, all of which ship from various places in Canada (that I know of). Hope this helps!

Before we move on, I wanted to mention that these are smaller businesses (typically)  so their prices will not be as cheap as big sellers like Jolse or Yesstyle, and discounts may not be as steep. However, should anything happen to international shipping (like during the lockdowns worldwide and closed borders) you’d still be able to purchase some products.  Sites/stores are listed in no particular order, just hope it helps to make finding k-beauty in Canada easier.

Online K-Beauty Stores

  • Chuusi:  Seems to ship out of BC, offers free shipping on orders over $60+ CAD within Canada and $70+ to the USA.  Has a good selection but not likely to have really new/popular items right away.
  • PinknBlossom:  More of a medium-sized e-store and is located in Ontario, offers free shipping on orders over $59+ CAD/$41.83 USD. Has a minimum order amount of $28 CAD/$21 USD.  Good selection but when there are sales, there’s a lot that’s sold out.
  • Bambeau:  They ship out of Toronto and offer free shipping within Toronto on orders over $65+, and within Canada on orders over $70+. There’s a bigger selection available, and they typically stock popular products. Orders under the free shipping amount cost $9.99 to ship I believe.
  • Depato Goods: A smaller e-store and a more curated list of items, but there’s a lot of popular/actually good skincare items here. Free shipping over $89 CAD or a $5 shipping fee.​​
  • Glassed Skin: Products from this site are curated by @myskinisglass on Instagram, and focuses on curating cruelty-free skincare. A great place to start for skincare newbies. Free shipping over $65 or a $9 shipping fee. **Site is currently being revamped.**
  • Skin.TO:  A Instagram store that sells a wide variety of Korean and Japanese beauty products, under the user They offer free pickup, $5 for local delivery and $10 to ship it to you. If you’re looking into the pickup or local delivery options, please take a look at the guides under their FAQ.
  • Shop Dama:  A small e-store that has a fair selection including some items that are harder to get in Canada, and fair prices/sales. They offer free shipping over orders of $75, or a flat fee of $9.
  • Eonni:  An e-shop that has a small but fair variety of K-beauty, they also offer nice weekly deals and some bundles of certain brands/products. Free shipping over $65, orders under will be charged by weight.
  • Cherie Skin:   A small e-shop under the site, while small they (in my opinion) have a good variety of brands including Krave. They offer free shopping for orders $60 and up, $10 for standard shipping and $5 for local delivery if you’re close by. Please check their FAQ section for more info.
  • The K Shop: A medium-sized e-store that has a great selection of items, also sells Krave items in limited quantities. Free shipping over orders $60, or it’ll be calculated depending on location.
  • Life Code Boutique: known as @lifecodeboutique or on Instagram, they are a store based in British Columbia that sells a variety of Korean and Japanese products at reasonable prices!
  • L’amour Beauty: based in Toronto, and they also offer pick-ups. They seem to have a lot of Benton products, and like many sites, they have reasonable prices.
  • Sukoshi Mart: while not necessarily a small business, Sukoshi Mart is a little mart that (I think) started as a small storefront at Kensington Market. They have now expanded and have a few stores around Toronto, and also carry a few popular K-Beauty items.

Other than those above, there are also some Instagram-based stores/sellers that also sell K-beauty items. Sometimes they will also have American/smaller brands as well!

IG (Instagram) K-Beauty Stores

  • tb.kbeautythey are a seller in Canada that sells products from their own personal collection (likely having too much or etc.) and many of the prices are about 50+% off. Buyer pays shipping, they will give you a quote for how much shipping will be. (Want 5% off? Let them know that I (vesalisa) sent you over/referred you!)
    • (Jun 4, 21) I also saw that they were going to deactivate their account soon, FYI.
  • theskinkareshop: they are an Instagram store (DM them to order) based in Toronto, Canada.  They focus on gentle, fragrance-free and effective Korean and Japanese beauty products and also offer shipping, delivery and pick-up options. Check their Instagram account for more info!

I will be continually adding to this list as I find more e-stores and brands that have a Canadian site and etc, please contact me if you’d like to be added.


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