On November 18th, Morgan Stewart from TheBeautyBreakdown had an event in Toronto which I was lucky enough to attend. Here’s a little recap of what took place.
The event was at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto at their Dominion Ballroom. It was pretty fancy and at the same time it was a friendly event. We were given “passports” where we would collect a stamp or sticker from each booth we visited. Upon entering we were also given a bag with a lot of samples and brochures.
As my friends and I checked out the booths inside, the people organizing the event started asking people to take their seats (limited seating) as they would soon start the presentations. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Morgan talking to some staff and getting her mic placed as the presentation and raffles started.
Morgan then went to do her skincare routine on stage with some playful banter in between, afterwards everyone went to kill about the various booths. I asked around about products and their prices that could possibly match what my mom had wanted me to buy (eye cream and peel of masks). There were a lot of products displayed at the event, however some were not on sale as the brands were looking to get a retailer set up in Toronto/Canada in general.
We went about the booths inquiring about products and collecting stamps before lining up to spin a wheel at the The Face Shop table. I won a Dr. Belamur bag and two of my friends won face wash. We then went back to our seats for Morgan’s on stage Makeup GRWM (Get Ready With Me) and more raffle items which had us all sitting on the edge of our seats. Afterwards I ended up getting two peel off masks and two serum samples.
The rest of the event winded down by calling up winners for 14 different prizes (I didn’t win any, but attending the event was fun enough!) and the grand prize being a round trip to Korea. Morgan was available after if anyone wanted to say hi or take photos with but it was pretty dark so my friends and I opted to head home.

There will be a part 2 uploaded with what I got, stay tooned!


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