This is the second part of the K-Beauty Trip event that occurred on November 18th, the other post was a recap of what happened and this will be a Haul from the goodie bags and what I bought.
There were quite a lot of brands that were present the day of the event, however some were not selling their products. It was kind of a way for them to get their products known while they scout for retailers or retail space I believe.

Brands present during the event

I’ll have to admit, I didn’t know about most of these brands save for a few (The Face Shop, Missha, Belif, A’Pieu) so I wasn’t sure what these other brands would offer however I was curious.
After a while and a short consultation with my mom on what to buy, I ended up getting two peel off face masks from Papa Recipe as well as a sample for the same mask but in eggplant. They had a good variety to choose from and were honey based, I believe, to reduce pain. This later lived up to the test when I tried it, it also picked up a good amount of blackheads without ripping a lot of peach fuzz. Even though I didn’t go on a full out shopping spree that day, I still left the hotel with a bag full of samples and etc.
When we were entering the ballroom, we were given a fairly sized bag that was filled with goodies in the form of samples, travel brochures, and coupons. The first things I spotted was the Disney Watery lip tint from the face shop in #1, and a small jar of Belif’s aqua bomb. There was also a sealed clear bag with samples from Dongnibi and a green tea face mask from The Face Shop, and a box that contained a makeup bag. When we opened up the makeup bag, there were 5 more face masks.
While passing by the Agatha table, I was able to get two serum samples, one in wine and the other in rose.
At the end of the event, I wished I had been able to persuade my mom into letting me get the eye cream set for her as the brand has yet to set up a retail location in Canada. However, I don’t regret going to the event because of many things.

  1. My friends and I got to see Morgan in action
  2. We were exposed to more brands that we might have interest in
  3. We had a good time

This is it for this post, I’ll be sure to seek out similar events like this one in the future. Did you attend this event or something similar? Let me know in the comments below!


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