Let’s be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what this was/how it’s supposed to be used but I was itching to try a brow product. I bought this near the beginning of April,  and it took less than a week to arrive from Sephora. Let’s see how this baby worked!
My first impression was that it’s supposed to be a browcara or a brow hair tint (there’s a slight difference but they can be interchanged) but honestly it seems to be a mix of both. It’s this browcara thing that has coloured fibers and you brush it onto your brows to create a fuller-looking brow. One con I know from products like these is that they can feel a little crunchy or start to flake throughout the day.
kaja brow blowout


I didn’t use a lot of the product but it didn’t feel crunchy until I brushed a hand on it, and it didn’t necessarily flake throughout the day unless you brushed a hand on it too. I got it in the colour 02 Soft Brown, and it matched  well with my natural brow colour.
This doesn’t seem to be a very pigmented product, and looks to be more of a product for people who want a more natural look. I think that if you like the Benefit Gimme Brow, you may or may not like this (they’re similar). I personally like to use this by itself, and very occasionally over a brow pencil if I want a more “pop” type of look.

This is a little short so I most likely wouldn’t be converting this into a podcast, but expect a podcast on one of the older blog posts to be up by Sunday or Monday at the latest. I don’t have a lot of products to review yet so a few more Real Talk or Tip pieces will be out next. Hope you liked this short little review, and be sure to follow my blog on Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with future blog posts!




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